All Electric Roboracing has arrived

roboracing car

All-electric, self-driving race cars officially exist.

Roborace is the first all-electric race car series with self-driving technology. Developed for Formula E circuits in late 2016, the cars are designed by Daniel Simon, who has spent time with Audi, Bentley and Bugatti, and is also responsible for the vehicle masterpieces in Captain America, Oblivion and Tron: Legacy.

Self-drive cars are seen as a milestone for technological development and robotics, though some experts argue that they are relatively redundant for humanity’s purpose. The thrill of car racing cannot be fulfilled by a self-drive car, with racing considered to be a sport that requires a large amount of skill and talent. Though, the ‘Man vs Robot’ argument has already been resolved, as Roborace have created a prototype, Devbot, which differs from the original driverless Robocar.

Devbot is designed to allow for a human, or computer, to drive and handle the car to give roboracing a more practical purpose. It allows teams to understand the software, hardware and quality experience behind the technology. The goal is to create a new type of racing, where teams will compete against each other to build and race their own electric cars. Demos are already happening on the global Formula E circuits, so it looks like the development of this new category of car racing is taking off.

Scheduled for racing on different Formula E tracks throughout 2017, including Mexico City, Paris, Berlin and New York, developers and organisers are hoping it will attract a younger audience to motosports. Formula E have been marketing roboracing toward a younger crowd through innovative (and controversial) concepts like playing music during the track races, and an unorthodox feature called FanBoost that gives drivers who win an audience vote a one-time jolt of power for their cars that lets them drive faster.

Too see Roborace make history, have a look at their Inside Roborace series below.

If you’re more into traditional car racing, the annual Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix is on again in Melbourne this weekend, 23-26 March. The races will be loud, full of energy, and of course, driven by humans. So seek comfort from this bit of stability in a world full of ever changing technology and increasing AI.

Tickets for the Melbourne Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix can be found HERE.