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ICYMI: NSW Government Rolls Out “Ask for Angela”

A few weeks ago the NSW Government announced as of the 14th of July the internationally recognised “Ask for Angela” safety program will be trialed in Sydney.

The two year old program came out of Lincolnshire, England and encourages patrons to approach a staff member from any venue and “ask for Angela” if they’re in a situation where they feel unsafe, uncomfortable or have found themselves in a compromising situation. The phrase acts as a code to staff, who then either take the affected individual out of the situation or contact authorities for further assistance.

The program has already been trialled in Wagga, Albury, Orange and Byron Bay, and with the help of NSW Police, the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) and the City of Sydney, the program has rolled out across multiple late-night CBD venues where staff have been in training.

“I have seen the success the ‘Ask for Angela’ trial has had in other areas of the state and overseas and I support its introduction to the Sydney CBD,” minister for police Troy Grant said in an official statement. “Given the increasing popularity of online-dating apps, many people are meeting for dates at bars, clubs and pubs having never met beyond the screens of their phone or computer,” he said.

The campaign has rolled out to all licensed premises within the Sydney City Police Area Command, which covers more than 1000 venues.
A few names to note include: The Ivy, Home The Venue, Pontoon Bar; Cargo Bar, Sydney Opera House, The Argyle, The Orient; Push Bar, Mountbatten Hotel, Shelbourne Hotel, GPO Grand and The Occidental Hotel.
All participating venues will feature this poster, so keep your eye out and if necessary, “ask for Angela”.