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Weirdest Beauty and Well-being trends

From blood facials, to pod floating and even placenta encapsulation…

Kim Kardashian’s most likely tried it and Gwyneth Paltrow’s written about it on her online blog.

Beauty and well-being treatments have taken over. Today, there are thousands of trends circling social media that us humans have some fascination with trying. Fish eating the dead skin off your body? Sitting in a room filled with salt? Steaming your genitals?

Here’s everything you need to know about the weirdest beauty and well-being trends:

Vagina Steaming:

Also known as V steaming or Yoni steaming – the name says it all. Women are able to squat or sit over steaming water that’s infused with a handful of herbs. Quite new to the western world, the ancient method claims to be beneficial for menstrual cycles when reducing pain, treating infections and surprisingly increasing fertility.

Blood Facial:

The vampire facial has taken over Hollywood and your Instagram feed thanks to Kim Kardashian’s legendary selfie. Essentially your blood is extracted, it’s then turned into platelet rich plasma (PRP) and then used in a microdermabrasion method. This scary yet painless treatment is said to be a fantastic skin rejuvenation technique. Any excuse for a facial I say.

Kim Kardashian blood facial. Image: Us Magazine website

Salt Room Therapy:

Halotheraphy has been practiced since the 18th century. Sitting in a room filled with salt sounds a bit too salty, but is surprisingly quite beneficial. Salt rooms that use pharmaceutical grade salt is said to be fantastic for those who suffer with asthma, bronchitis, acne and even eczema. Or you can just get yourself a Himalayan salt lamp.

Pod Floating:

From personal experience, pod floating is weird as hell. The sensory deprivation tank is filled with 550kg of Epsom salts which makes your body naturally float – the closest thing an average human will ever get to floating in space. The session enables floaters to relax and hopefully catch up on some sleep. An hour of sleep inside a pod is equivalent to four hours of deep sleeping. Recommended for those who struggle with feeling rejuvenated even after 8 hours of beauty sleep.

Pod Floating. Image: supplied by Koa Recovery

Placenta Encapsulation:

Pregnancy is a wild yet beautiful experience. After pushing your way through childbirth some mothers are faced with the decision with what to do with their placentas. The resolution? Placenta encapsulation. After steaming, dehydrating and grinding the organ you can then place it in capsules for consumption to help with stress reducing, restoring iron levels and an increase in milk production. If this sounds too chaotic you can cook it up in your favourite pasta or just plant it in your garden.

Gua Sha:

Gua sha is the one treatment on this list that’s the most cringe worthy for me. The traditional Chinese medical therapy involves using a specific stone to extract unhealthy toxins in your body. The method similar to body cupping is used on areas that are prone to muscle pain to stimulate blood flow better. Although you’re not left with open wounds or any signs of blood, you will be able to tell where the practitioner scraped.

Gua Sha. Image: Shuttershock

Mud Body Wrap:

Laying on a massage table and being painted in a thick layer of mud is something we all secretly want to try. The experience itself is quite relaxing and beneficial for your body’s exterior. Once being painted in mud you’re then wrapped in a sheet of bandage and left to set for an hour or so. This treatment is said to help with slimming, toning, hydrating and the soothing of muscles in the body. Probably the closest thing to mummification we’ll ever get.

Dr Fish:

Travelling through Thailand you’ll be bombarded with the sight of saloons using Dr Fish pedicures. Placing your feet or entire body in a tank, little garra rufa will nibble off the dead skin to create a smoother feel to your skin. The pedicure won’t make you end up in a bloody pool nor in pain; just a few ticklish spots within the treatment. My advice would be to head to a spa where they feed the fish as well, I found that this makes them not so picky and feisty.

Dr Fish. Image: Shuttershock

Bee Venom Facials:

Don’t let the name turn you off from the excruciating pain you envision yourself in. Turns out bee venom facials aren’t that painful. The venom itself is mixed with a substance to create a creamy mask that’s then applied to the face. Users such as Kate Middleton swear by it to help with tightening and brightening of the skin. The facial can also be used as a natural alternative to botox for a smoother complexion.

Gold Facials:

There’s something about gold that just gets me so excited. A gold facial is an absolute must try on my beauty bucket list. The luxurious gold mask helps to firm the skin through cell regeneration for an anti-ageing affect. Apart from the exterior benefits, gold facials can also help to fight off any pollution and sun damage that the skin traps in.

Gold Facial. Image: Shuttershock