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Valentine’s Day: What Aussies Were Caught Buying

When we think Valentine’s Day we think chocolate, flowers and a romantic dinner…but we’re forgetting a few other categories. 

With jewellery, lingerie and adult only gifts making more of an appearance, decided to release their Valentine’s Day gifting trends, which have seen a 20% increase on sales this year. Maybe Aussies are a little more loved up in 2019?

Here are our favourite five findings we learned from the stats:

1. NSW is the most generous state.
If you’re single, start looking for a partner from NSW- the long distance relationship will be worth it. NSW accounted for over a third of all Valentine’s Day sales this year, purchasing 32% more gifts than Victoria.

2. Victorians are more playful.
NSW may have been more generous, however VIC were the most playful. With adult themed products making up nearly 20% of this year’s V-Day gifting sales, nearly 40% of those were made in Victoria. Expect a spike in population in 9 months time.

3. Blokes are the lucky ones. 
Of course, the blokes come out on top again, with nearly twice the number of “For Him” gifts purchased nationwide. It doesn’t necessarily mean women are more generous, maybe just more organised. Hey, there’s still 10 hours to go til the love-filled day.

4. Men are more strategic when it comes to gifts.
Top gifts purchased for men this year included a watch box (1st place), followed by a Tommy Hilfiger wallet and Tommy Hilfiger belt gift set. Whilst purchases for the ladies included Elle Macpherson, Kayser and Calvin Klein bras and bottoms. Two birds, one stone? The gift that both parties can enjoy – clever thinking guys.

5. Love does have a price – $40. 
With a wide range of gifts being sold for Valentine’s Day the average spend was $40, with an average spend of $35 on “For Him” gifts, and a lesser $31 on “For Her”…Yep the blokes not only will be getting more presents, they’ll also have more spent on them.

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