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Top Tips For Men’s Grooming

2019 is the year of looking good!

Visiting a barber can be daunting. What style should you go for? How long should you wait for your next cut? Do you really think that style will suit? To answer these questions, we’ve sought out expert barber, Brendan Blake from Adilla Barbers in Double Bay, who’s seen it all and knows top trends for the next season. He has shared with us the important must-dos for men and the hair that grows atop their head, as well as the latest hair trends.

How Often Should You Get A Haircut?

Man, look at the time! Image: Brad Neathery

Indeed, Brendan Blake says it all depends on your hair.
“Most of my clients stick to the two to four-week rule with exceptions either side,” Brendan says.
The average persons hair grows out an average rate of 0.5 inches per month, so if you are getting a skin fade I would expect to see you in the chair fortnightly or even weekly.”

But if you’re sporting a longer style, especially a messy style, or wanting to grow that hair for a new style, expect to visit the barber every four to six weeks.
“The dialogue with your stylist or barber at the start of your session (how long since your last cut? How do you like to wear it?) isnt just small talk; its vital information that will lead to a cut and will still look good once you wear it out over the coming weeks and may even improve as it grows out. The more you can tell your stylist, the better. You know all the little pains and growth patterns youve been dealing with your whole life, so dont hold back!”

What Products Should You Buy?

Barber showing some wax. Image: Dima Sidelnikov

“Shampoo and conditioner!” says Brendan, unable to hold back the seriousness of his statement.

“Once you make the step up to a quality shampoo and conditioner,” says Brendan, “you will notice the difference from the health and shine your hair has to the ease of styling.”

Our expert barber highly recommends the brand Selvedge Grooming, who have a great two-in-one shampoo that will take away the pain of having to buy too many products. Are you a busy man in need of easy grooming? This will be great for you!

“Keeping your hair healthy is vital when you are trying to grow it into a style,” says Brendan. “Neglected hair will not look or grow out well at all and most of the time cannot be saved, so will need to be cut off!

Selvedge Grooming has great products enriched with natural botanical extracts, and are formulated without mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, triclosan, silicone and formaldehyde donors. This means your hair will be treated the au naturel way.

Brendan recommends their grooming wax for mid-length hairstyles and their classic pomade for curly or long hair.

The Celebrity Style Guide

David Beckham. Image: BAKOUNINE

“Pictures are always great when you’re trying to explain the look you want to your stylist,” says Brendan.

Sometimes the jargon can get mixed up, which is not good when you want a particular style. Confusion is an evil thing within the barbering industry, so Brendan encourages everyone to show pictures of what they want.

And it’s not ironic that he sees the same celebrities popping up in his barbershop.

“David Beckham is always a go-to for clients, in-fact he has been for decades!” says Brendan. “He has style and swag and is always relevant with his textured slicked-back hair.”

And then there’s Nick Wooster, the silver fox fashion consultant of the USA. Brendan says he has great street style “and pulls off the high pompadour and tight skin fade well.”

Justin Bieber is another popular face in the salon, who’s style changes are frequent and extremely signature to his image. Lastly, of course, we cannot forget Zac Efron with his messy ‘lived-in’ hair.

Bleach: The Returning Trend For Spring & Summer

Zac Efron 2019. Image: Lev Radin

“As we’ve seen from recent events like the Met Gala, a lot of celebrities are colouring their hair, and it looks amazing!” says Brendan. “From classic platinum blonde to the golden, lived-in beach blonde, bleaching your hair is an open canvas of style and creativity.”

But, as Brendan also says, bleaching takes guts and a lot of maintenance.

“Once the colour is on, shaving your head or cutting the bleached hair off is really the only way to return au naturel,” he says. “But without risk, there is no reward! I can get you bleach-ready this season.”

But there are important things to consider before brightening that cluster atop your head. Most notably the tone you’re going for.

“It should complement skin tone and eye colour, or be the total opposite for a real statement,” says Brendan. “Super fair skin tones look washed out with bleached hair and blonder hair will highlight things like acne and scars so if you’re naturally quite pale or have facial blemishes, don’t bleach.”

Brendan also warns that you shouldn’t bleach if your hair is thinning. As for those with darker colours, the bleaching of hair might take a few barber visits before your desired tone and colour is reached.

“Lastly, you need a good shampoo and conditioner,” says Brendan. “I recommend the Eksperience Hydro Nutritive range it’s amazing.”

The Top Three Hair Styles

And now for the main attraction! What are the top three hairstyles you should try next season? Brendan has shared them with us and here they are. Drum roll, please…

The French Crop

The French Crop

The French Crop hairstyle is one of the top trends noticed by Brendan. It is high and tight on the side, generally with a skin fade and then a messy short scissor cut on top. Brendan says he is seeing a lot more bleach-ups added to this style too. The shorter hair is also perfect for the summer weather, giving more room for the breeze cool down your scalp.

The Messy Medium

The Messy Medium

Another look is the Messy Medium ‘lived-in’ style. It’s requested a lot more and guys are willing to put in the time and patience to grow and achieve this style too. The style is perfect for those who are averse to spending too long in front of the mirror. Just hop out of the shower, towel dry your hair, give it a brush and maybe a quick blow dry and you’re done!

The Slick Back

The Slick Back

The Slick Back is the generic term for a style that is quite versatile and varietal. This image shows the shorter side of the style, but you can grow the hair longer and have a sleek tail at the end. It is easy to style, simply towel dry the hair after your shower, rub in some wax or hair cream, and comb it back into the desired shape.