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Top 5 Interior Trends for 2019

Planning a renovation in 2019? Or even just a light redecoration? Get with the times and take note of the interior design trends of 2019.

As some trends leave – goodbye, rose gold and exposed lighting – there are many more on the way. While minimalism is over, colour is in, so start 2019 by celebrating everything big and beautiful as the interior design community sees a return to a more vibrant way of looking at life. While trends may come and go, the interior trends we’ve chosen as the five best stand the test of time.



Move over, minimalism – 2019 is the year of colour, the more dramatic and rich the better. Helmed by Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Living Coral, the newest trend is a return to jewel tones and vibrant colours, adding a sense of elegance and uniqueness. Even bathrooms and kitchens, which usually would be fairly muted or neutral in terms of colours, could benefit from a colourful change. And if the entire spectrum of colours is a little too daunting to comprehend sorting through, take a tip from the people dedicated to making your homes beautiful – Pantone’s colour schemes of choice are ‘Cravings’ and ‘Classico’ and Dulux has chosen four stunning palettes, all about enrichment and elevating your lifestyle game.



Speaking of returning back to older ways of doing things, the materials most beloved in 2019 are the ones that’ll bring you back to basics. Wood is making a big comeback, with warmer wood taking the front seat in making a cosier home. Concrete and marble are two other favourites expected to return, since both bring a sense of sophistication to a space, especially in terms of the kitchen. However, quartz is right out – no more are the cold, clinical countertops, when you have so many other options for a truly fabulous kitchen.



2019’s decorating slogan should be ‘no more exposed lightbulbs’. A trend that started in earnest for a more stripped-back aesthetic, that’s now become the purview of every hipster coffee shop (along with succulents and tin stools), the interior design world is moving swiftly away, and embracing statement lighting. Brilliant chandeliers, fixtures as stunning as the light they provide, and metallic centrepieces are the way to go this year – after all, since lighting is ‘the jewellery of the house’, why wouldn’t you go all out?



Gone are the days when furniture tended to look good and feel uncomfortable – now, we’re going to indulge in the plushiest, most sink-into-able sofa that we can find, and still be trendy. Think lush fabrics and supple curves, plump couches and upholstered headboards for beds. Pile on the pillows and cushions, and find some throw blankets to complement the colour of your couch, because the goal is to turn your living space into the cosy nest of any bird’s dreams – with the upside of being perfect for Netflix binges.



All trends are about moving away from something, towards something else – and moving away from shabby chic and minimalism means heading to a more luxurious way of looking at interior design. Art Deco is elegance and glamour mixed with modernity, a perfect companion in your quest for a perfect 2019 interior makeover.

However, you don’t have to go completely Great-Gatsby on it – there are ways to take inspiration from the Art Deco style without making your living room look like a Baz Luhrmann film. Using geometric shapes with silver, black or chrome accents, making use of Art Deco colour schemes that incorporate rich yellows, blues, greens, reds, and pinks, or even just mixing straight-lined patterns, like zigzags, can help bring a sense of the style to your room.