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Top 3 Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Brands To Look Out For

According to an ABC article, Australians are the world’s second largest consumer of textiles—two-thirds of which are made of synthetic fibres derived from petroleum, and shed micro-plastic particles when washed or disposed of. 

Thankfully, awareness of and efforts to minimise environmental damage are coming to the forefront of the Australian fashion industry, with emerging labels here to champion the sustainable fashion movement. Below are our top three picks, here to show that sustainable is truly the new fashionable.


Remy is dedicated to channelling a form of creativity that inspires sustainability, travel and freedom for women to be comfortable in their own skin. Their charcoal nude art sketches are framed in Tasmanian oak and done on pieces of vintage French linen, a material that Remy continues to celebrate through its collection of linen scrunchies. Scrunchies are available in two tasteful colour sets—one perfect for the feminine minimalist, and the other suited to those looking for a grungy touch—and each comes with a complementary eco-cotton Veggie bag.


Tasi Travels

At the core of Tasi Travels, is minimalist, sustainably-made fashion that seeks to provide both practicality and comfort in travels. Their entire collection is designed to not only last a lifetime, but also preserve the longevity of our natural environment; all pieces are made to order in Australia and made from Tencel, a textile regenerated from eucalyptus trees. Tasi Travels’ website currently offers both women and men’s options, alongside a blog to inspire free-spirited travel.



Tackling pollution, wastage and human rights head on, A.BCH is a Melbourne-based label that strives to produce clothing items and accessories ethically, and be completely transparent about it. Their closet staples and basics not only come in a fashionable neutral colour palette, but are made from organic and renewable sources, and are made according to industry standards. Each piece comes with a care guide, so customers can learn how to extend the longevity of their purchase, and do their part by minimising fast-fashion consumption.