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Top 10 Proposal Videos Shared On YouTube

To make a proposal video truly special is to make it a complete surprise. And, of course, sharing the unconditional love you have for them. 

There’s two reasons why you are here: The first is that you possibly want some inspiration for your future proposal; Or second, you are here to cry yourself silly with tears of joy. And whatever your reasons are, you will find these absolutely adorable. And this also goes for our readers who love the same sex, because we all deserve some happily ever afters. So come take a ride and see some true human love stories shared through the wonders of video production.

Let the tears begin:

Corey and Bianca

Proposing to your loved one in a local town park sounds alright, but what makes this video stand out is the words this guy has for his future wife. The beginning of the video is what makes the proposal look beautiful. And as we will see in the rest of the videos below, the most important element to make the best proposal is to make it a surprise.

Simone and Jason

Another surprise proposal between two people who are truly made for each other. This guy knows his girlfriend so well, and knows her greatest passion is Disney movies. So he took that and used it to his advantage.

Kornelius and Rachel

Oh gosh. This proposal is just as beautiful as the words this guy has for his partner. He’s overly confident, smartly dressed and knows how to make lavish proposal look like child’s play.

Adam and Jared

These two are adorable! So adorable that even you may cry watching this, just as much as they do with their tears of joy. You have to congratulate Adam who choreographed this whole routine just for his lover. Tissue box, please…

Tarnia and Vartan

Another flashmob! But guess what, the actual surprise is a twist. Simply because Tarnia choreographed it for another couple, who were really just paid actors. Keep that tissue box nearby!

Paige and Amanda

Storyline proposal videos are cute. This one is quite special because you find out little details about their love for each other, and the significance of the beach where Paige proposed.

Austin and Brittany

Who doesn’t love a man in uniform! It’s such a surprise, and what a way to do it in front of a large crowd. This is just too much. Where’s that tissue box!

Kim and Jack

So! Picture this: A woman goes to watch a movie, and a trailer for a new upcoming release comes on. I know what you’re thinking.. what a bore, and where’s the popcorn… But no, it’s not just any trailer!

Blaire and Adrian

If you have 20 minutes to spare, you’ve got to watch this. Before Adrian gets to the proposal, we hear the story about how they met online, how they navigated their long distance relationship, the first time they met in person. Okay, I need that tissue box again.

Patrick and Gavin

Forget the tissue box, get a towel! This is one of the most adorable proposals that I have seen. A flashmob, a story, family and friends, and lots and lots of emotion. Crying is mandatory.