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Top 10 Gift Ideas: Men’s Accessories

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Christmas can be tricky no matter who you are buying for, but particularly when buying for men.

Whether it’s a brother, boyfriend, father, grandfather, uncle or mate, the men in our life can be picky and already seem to have everything you may have thought to get them.

In our opinion, you can never go wrong with an accessory, so we have compiled a list of the best on the market. Ready, set, shop!


Watches are timeless, classic accessories that are both functionally rewarding and super stylish. Thankfully there’s an extensive range of styles available which is great for finding the perfect one to gift. So if they prefer leather bands, a chronograph face or even stainless-steel linked watches with deployment clasps; there’s an endless number of options.

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The bonus of boardshorts is that they not only work as swimmers, but they can be worn as normal day to day shorts too. Hence style should be very much on the forefront of one’s mind when considering board shorts as a present.

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Overnight Bags

Overnight bags are the perfect gift, as they are something we often forget we need, but come in handy much more than we think. From leather duffle’s to bags that are made for the outdoors and those that are small but practical, there is no wrong choice.

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Hats are fun, useful and can be the perfect accompaniment to an outfit. Whilst a hat can be a very personal style choice, a new one can be a good way to shake up your gift receiver’s accessory game. The only decision you need to make is the style, colour and brand.

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Sunglasses are one of the must-have summer accessories and will be used year-round. A good pair of sunglasses can last for a long time, so why not spoil the man in your life and provide them with a pair of good quality (and stylish) sunglasses?

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If fun socks don’t make people smile, then they’re simply not fun enough. A brightly coloured, food-patterned sock peeking out from under a trouser of a man decked out in business attire is always a sign of fun, style and playfulness. However, when wearing shorts, a simple sock with a sneaker is more than enough, in which case Nike has you covered.

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Who would have thought towels could be an accessory? Towels are no longer plain and simple. They can be stylish, fun and will elevate your beach accessory level tenfold.

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Sneakers have come very far in the past five years. They are now at the forefront of any true fashion icons wardrobe and continue to last as key elements in formal settings, casual wear and, of course, in exercise.

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Cufflinks are an alternate method of linking together the cuffs of a shirt (who would have thought) to a button and a very pretty one at that. From designer labels to outgoing designs, a nice pair of cufflinks is something a man should own at one point in his life.

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Wallets are something that are used everyday, so as a present they are perfect; whenever they use it, they will think of you! Wallets, like many things on this list, can differ greatly and can often match the person they are being gifted to depending on their personality. Black for those who like the classic look, dark brown leather for those who have a more sophisticated style, and light brown for those who can pull off anything.

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