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Luxurious Spas Around The World


Book yourself a getaway and check-in to one of these indulgent Spas.

Whether you prefer relaxation therapy, facials or an eye-watering deep tissue massage, there’s so arguing that you always feel better after a Spa session. Whether you would rather be surrounded by the city or the calming sounds of the ocean, there is a spa out there to cater to you. We’ve narrowed down a few of the most indulgent spas from around the world to help inspire your ultimate relaxation destination.

Yäan Wellness Energy Spa

two massage tables with wooden interior
Image Courtesy of Yaan Spa
Tulum, Mexico
Soothe and enliven your senses at this stunning Spa in Meixco. Treatments at Yäan start with one of the elements from their Healing Water Circuit which incorporates a sauna, purified crystalline water pools and healing waters. Their tradtional indigenous treatments aim to cleanse the body and spirit through practices of health, relaxation and well-being. Some of the spa treatments include energy healing, deep muscle relaxation, herbal and flower, lymphatic flow massages as well as juice cleanses, body scrubs and yoga.

Massages start at US $135.
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The Now

The Now
Image Courtesy of The Now
Location: Locations across California, United States
The Now offers a new concept in the world of massage. They aim to nourish the body by focusing on the mind and soul through the restorative use of massage and touch therapy. The experienced massage therapists from The Now offer a range of spa treatments including Swedish massage, restorative self-awareness massages, heat therapy, crystal healing, aroma therapy and hydrating eye treatments. The Now prides itself on offering the luxury of a five-star spa experience at an affordable price point.

Massages start from US $35.
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The Ritz Club, Paris

Image Courtesy of The Ritz Club Paris
Location: Paris, France.
At Paris’ Ritz Club, no expense has been spared and no detail has been overlooked – it is luxury at its finest. It’s easy to forget what time of day it is as you take a few laps in the private pool or follow your personalised fitness program prepared by one of the professional coaches. Treatments at include L’impérial massage to unwind muscles, to Wellness Cocktails designed by world famous barman, Colin Field for absolute relaxation and refreshment. To add to the prestige, The Ritz Club only uses Chanel products which are exclusively designed for their spa treatments.

A one hour L’impérial massage session will set you back €210.
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La Mamounia

women sitting on edge of indoor pool with gold pillars
Image Courtesy of La Mamounia
Location: Marrakesh, Morocco
It would be difficult to locate a spa bursting with more colour and life than Morocco’s La Mamounia. This is a place filled with bright colours, sweet fragrances and a rich and vibrant history. With mosaic spa rooms and an authentic Moroccan aesthetic, it is a beautiful place to relax.  La Mamounia prides itself on tailoring treatments to suit each individual’s needs. Treatments include hydrating wraps, facials and massages as well as authentic Moroccan spa treatments and traditional tea rituals.

Prices start from roughly 800 MAD (approximately AUD $110)
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Aqua Dome

Aqua Dome
Image Courtesy of Aqua Dome
Location: Längenfeld, Austria
Forget everything you know about thermal baths. The crystalline waters of Austria’s Aqua Dome is an otherworldly experience.  Water bubbles up from hot healing springs two kilometres underground and sits around 34-36 degrees Celsius year round. Situated in the Austrian Alpine Region, Aqua Dome has a selection of indoor and outdoor pools, plus a large lounge area, each spot boasting a spectacular view of the Ötztal Alps. Treatments include regional recommendations like the Ötztal Sheep’s Wool Cocooning (€126) where you’re wrapped in sheep’s wool with a herbal mixture, as well as more traditional treatments.

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Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa

indoor pool and beautiful green forest view
Image Courtesy of
Location: Baden-Baden, Germany
Brenners-Park Hotel & Spa has been one of the most elite and advanced spas in Europe since it opened in 1872. Brenners, as it is more commonly known, offers a full range of well-known spa treatments, from massages to facials, as well as medical treatments performed by specialists in disciplines ranging from ophthalmology to dentistry. Brenners also have a range of Spa and Medical packages to choose from including a ten-day beginners weight loss program and a three-day rejuvenation package.

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large circular hut with lake with lilly pads around
Image Courtesy of Soukya
Location: Bangalore, India
Soukya is the vision of Dr Issac Mathai, one of India’s leading holistic health experts, and is the world’s first International Holistic Health Centre. It’s aim is to restore and enhance the natural balance of the mind, body and spirit by combining ancient medical techniques and modern medicine. It offers visitors a range of medical and relaxation treatments, including modern psychotherapy for de-addiction and stress management as well as natural therapies including Ayurvedic massage, reflexology, basic yogic exercises and meditation as the remedy.

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COMO Shambhala Estate

COMO Shambhala Estate
Image Courtesy of COMO Shambhala Estate
Location: Bali, Indonesia
COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali is revered as a retreat for change. It offers holistic care and relaxation with signature massage therapies and beauty treatments. There are also physical activities including yoga, hiking, climbing, tennis as well as indoor activities in the gym. If you’re looking for a more traditional spa experience, COMO Shambhala Estate also host Balinese healers to perform Charkra Healings to promote self-healing and well-being. You can undergo a Water Blessing in order to be rejuvenated by the Holy Water of an ancient spring located close to the Ayung River.

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Aman Tokyo

indoor pool and city view
Image Courtesy of
Location: Tokyo, Japan
If you prefer the cityscape, the urban feel of the Aman Tokyo might be the perfect place to relax. Combining urbanism and serenity to create an ultra-modern relaxation experience, the spa has an exquisite view of the Tokyo skyline and offers a complete range of spa treatments, including traditional Japanese massage. Aman Tokyo also features Japanese-style hot baths and steam rooms, and a world class fitness centre which includes fitness studios specifically for Yoga and Pilates.

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pool and huts with palm trees in front of water
Image Courtesy of
Location: Hua-Hin, Thailand
Chiva-Som focuses on teaching people to create a personal journey to health and wellness by learning how to enjoy and appreciate every moment in life. Esteemed for its healthy spa-cuisine, Chiva-Som also offers detox programs for those who wish to experience a more structured diet. The resort offers a full range of fitness programs, detoxing programs, spa treatments and skin rejuvenation procedures including Botox and laser treatment.

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