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The LC79 Super Tourer is anything but standard.

Black LC79 Super Tourer side profile

Masters of the outback, one Aussie company has brought us a vehicle that has everything, including the kitchen sink.

Patriot Campers are local manufacturers that specialise in off-road camping trailers and they’ve brought out a new GXL Toyota Land Cruiser. Specialists in producing hardcore off-road machines, we take a look at what features they’ve put into their latest creation. Designed to take on anything in the country, while doing it in style, the LC79 Super Trouper is the ultimate outback toy.

With a set of ROH wheels,an EFS suspension upgrade to 3800kg and a patented Supertourer body, the LC79 is a beast that is anything but standard. There is ample storage, a functioning kitchen with a pull out sink, water tank and electric pump. And whether you’re into hardcore four-wheel driving or off and on road touring, you can build and customise your LC79 to fit whatever your needs are.

Toyota LC79 black vechile

Made to conquer anything, this monster of a vehicle retails from $124,990.