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Taline Gabrielian on the release of her book ‘Hippie Lane’

Taline Gabrielian talks book launches, health and Instagram fame.

Taline Gabrielian is so many things; a digital influencer, healthy recipe developer, cookbook author and health advocate. With a flair for making healthy food look too good to eat, Gabrielian holds a strong food philosophy to promote a healthy, positive and achievable attitude towards natural whole foods, all of which is elucidated in her all-new cookbook, Hippie Lane.

As a twenty-something-year-old still battling with her childhood sugar addiction, Taline Gabrielian knew she needed a lifestyle change. She started ditching packaged, processed foods and waved a painful goodbye to the two loves of her life, Nutella and Milo. Around seven years ago, she joined the thousands of people around the world who live with an intolerance to gluten, egg, refined sugar and soy.

This is when Hippie Lane was born.

The now 36-year-old mother of two began experimenting with alternative natural ingredients and hasn’t looked back. Gabrielian initially started Hippie Lane as a wholesale business where she sold her treats and creations in cafes within her local neighbourhood. The demand for her health products grew so drastically she decided to develop an app in 2015, which ultimately became a number one bestseller soon after its launch. The app offers encouragement and plant-based recipes to an extensive, global health-driven community to encourage them to create dishes the entire family will love eat.

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Another large contributor to her success is her incredibly successful Instagram page, Hippie Lane (@talinegabriel). Gabrielian is not only a talented food creator, she is a highly skilled photographer and creative director. With a strong focus on beauty and presentation in her food creations, she adds a wave of authenticity to her work.  Since she launched the Instagram page, she has huddled an impressive 490,000 followers.

Gabrielian’s cooking style is influenced by her Armenian roots, her sweet tooth as a child, the desire to nourish and care for her body as well as current health trends. It all began when Gabrielian started to experiment and tweak some of her all-time favourite recipes to create a more nutrient-dense dish, and eventually it evolved into a passion.

Now, two years on since the launch of her app, Gabrielian is launched Hippie Lane, and the cookbook and her creativity within the cookbook has soured far beyond its recipes.

Gabrielian describes the book as “all things beautiful and healthy, with plant based recipes that are free of gluten and refined sugar.” The book focuses on 110 of her triple tested recipes which include vibrant, nourishing breakfast smoothies, easy healthy snacks, on-the-go lunches, and perfect dinners for weeknights and date nights. All the recipes incorporate the necessities to live a balanced and healthy life.

“I’m all about sharing and gatherings, so many of my recipes are created with this in mind.”

With her Armenian roots playing a big role in the inspiration of her meals, Gabrielian understands the love of big, hearty meals that implode with flavour as well as practicality. But the recipes are also inspired by health trends and aim to give confidence to get serious about healthy lifestyle choices.

When it came to the design, “I was fortunately given free rein to design the book to my own aesthetic, and I was really lucky to be given the approval to include my travel pictures and inspirational wellness quotes within the book, to offer a balanced holistic,” says Gabrielian. And with her experience in photography (and the proof is in her Instagram), Gabrielian took creative charge and was able to produce a product that not only encompassed her, but the complete essence of Hippie Lane.

There is a tendency for a certain stereotype to be linked to anyone who practices an organic and health food lifestyle, but Hippie Lane aims to show how easily healthy meals integrate into the staple diet for individuals and families. For Gabrielian, her focus is not to promote any particular diets or deprivation, but rather “to take a step back and instead, view food as nourishment – to eat in abundance and to enjoy food without any guilt or restrictions.”

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Finally, Gabrielian spoke of her own experiences, and had in important message to leave.

“It takes dieting failure, experience and some wisdom to incorporate a healthy mindset; one of self love and acceptance, where the focus is on health and not weight,” she explains.

The limiting nature of dieting and the restriction of certain foods or meals is toxic for the self, and something that Hippy Lane has the intention to change. With strong influences from nature, colour, sights and sounds igniting creativity in her recipes, Gabrielian is passionate about trusting nature to influence her food, her health and her life.

Ultimately, “it’s about a lifestyle of abundance, a delicious appetite for beautiful food and an inherent belief that we deserve the best.”

The true essence of Hippie Lane, not just the book, is the coming together of people, friends and family over a delicious spread of nourishing food to embrace a shared passion for health and wellbeing. Also, to show a true appreciation for delectable dishes that nourishes not only the body but the mind and soul as well. Ultimately, “it’s about a lifestyle of abundance, a delicious appetite for beautiful food and an inherent belief that we deserve the best.”

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Hippie Lane is now available from all leading bookstores or on the Hippie Lane website here. RRP at $39.99.

For more information, or to follow Taline Gabrielian, find her on Instragram at @talinegabriel or online at