With summer comes Festival Season, and not only does that bring great music, but also killer looks!

It’s a time to be seen and bring out your most extra (yet practical) outfits, whether that’s flower crowns, pilot hats, vertical striped shirts, cool shades, funky socks, bum bags or glitter. Here’s our take on festival trends that you just can’t go wrong with:


At every festival, there’s always that group of guys who are wearing identical matchy-matchy button up t-shirts and shorts. And at first, you think, wow thats a lot, but then you realise hey, they actually look awesome. Same goes for matching women’s clothes, like a tie-up shirt with flare pants or a crop top and mini skirt.

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Flower Power

So we know everyone’s heard the Miranda Priestly quote from Devil Wears Prada, “Florals? in spring? Groundbreaking.” But 1. It’s not spring, it’s summer and 2. You honestly can’t go wrong with a cute floral outfit.

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Street Wear

Street-wear is all the hype nowadays. Whether it’s oversized t-shirts, big printed labels, bum-bags, bodycon dresses or Camo prints. Just please don’t wear your $300 sneakers to festivals, because they are very likely to get swallowed by the mosh pit and come out looking like they’ve been mauled by wolves.

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We are living in the age of nostalgia, where older clothing styles that your parents and grandparents used to wear have been recycled and re-altered. And a music festival is the perfect place to show off your vintage looks! Whether that’s a 90’s Tommy Hilfiger or Nike shirt with cut-off denim shorts, a flannel skirt and jacket,  a 90’s romper, retro band tees or a 70’s and 80’s disco pant or jumpsuit. There’s many iconic options and eras to choose from, and we think you’ll look fabulous!

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Every festival needs a little bit of sparkle, and by a little bit we mean a lot! It’s part of the festival experience to go home with loads of glitter in your hair, and then watch it go down the drain in the shower, making you feel like a fairy. There are many different ways to bring out your sparkle for both guys and girls. It could be an accessory like a glittery cap, earrings or bum back, or a full blown sequinned outfit. Go big or go home, right?

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Feature image via David Calderon