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Retail Wars: Confessions of a Shopaholic Nation

Shopping. For some it’s a thrilling world of shiny, sparkly, new things. For others, it’s all about finding the ‘boyfriend chair’ (you know the one) to patiently wait amongst a mountain of Zara and H&M bags.

But whether you love it or hate it, one thing is true, we all have to do it at some point. And when we do, we are faced with two options: in-store or online.

With debate heating up over the topic, we set out to find out what Australia thinks. Here’s what you lot told us.

1. Brick-and-mortar is still the way

Despite living in an age of snapchat, instagram, and selfies, traditional in-store shopping won out overall, with 49.9% of Aussie’s preferring to make the trip to their local shopping centre to snag a deal.

2. We’re a touchy-feely bunch

It turns out that in the end, you just can’t beat the tactile experience of slipping on that pair of Tony Bianco’s you’ve been eyeing off all month or holding that shiny new iPhone in your greedy little palms. With the number one reason for opting to shop in-store being the ability to try on, test out and hold products.

Unsurprisingly, we also like having our products instantly and the customer-oriented experience that comes with going in to a store.

3. Aussie’s love a good discount code

Alright, we’ll admit it. We are guilty of setting up the occasional fake email address to get that sneaky 10% welcome discount code. But don’t give us that judgy look just yet, it turns out you lot aren’t so innocent, with discount codes coming in the top three reasons for getting click happy with your credit card online.

We also like online shops for their 24-hour convenience and ease of use (seriously, it literally takes me one click to have that LBD from The Iconic on my doorstep when I wake up).

4. Queensland, you bunch of shopaholics!

The sunshine state came in as the biggest lot of shopaholics, with 28.4% shopping multiple times per week. Meanwhile, 25% of Western Australia’s claimed they choose to shop as little as possible.

Elsewhere, Tasmanians have a resounding hate for online shopping, with 78.5% preferring to go in-store. Whilst the folk of South Australia love their fluffy-friends more than the rest of us, with 22% saying they spend the most on their pets.
The fine people down in the ACT are both our thriftiest and splashiest group, with 84.6% claiming to be avid discount factory shoppers and 47% saying they are known for the odd splurge at high-end designer stores.
New South Wales likes to keep it in the family, with 15.1% spending the most on parents or siblings, but it’s Victoria’s votes that have us considering making the move, with 16.3% spending the most on their mates – what a generous bunch!

5. 66% of our country has apparently never heard of UberEATS!?

When conducting a survey, you typically prepare yourself for some expected results and a few not-so expected. But nothing could have prepared us for this.

When we broke it down, people (unsurprisingly) prefer to grab their clothes, electronics, appliances, homewares, beauty products and gifts in-store. Whilst more are going to online stores for music, films, books and magazines.

But a whopping 66% of you would PREFER to get out of your trackies, leave the comfort of your own couch and go IN to a store to get your takeaway food!? 

Ladies and gentleman of Australia, I would like to introduce you to the life-changing magic of UberEats and Deliveroo.


You are welcome. 



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