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Quirky Instagrams To Follow

Tired of the endless snaps of summer vacations or breakfast food? Here’s exactly what you need to freshen up your feed.

Instagram is a fascinating place, but sometimes seeing the same things over and over can get a bit tiring. So, to give you a little pick-me-up to help with all the time you might spend scrolling through your explore page, we’ve found a bunch of fascinating accounts that you’ll definitely want to follow.

While most of our picks are some very clever artists, there are a few that break the streak – and, of course, one particular phenomenal cat, because it wouldn’t be Instagram without a pet or two.


When two photographers with a love of architecture and travel get together, there’s no imagining what they could eventually achieve together. And in fact, with Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís, their collaborative spirit has given rise to something absolutely delightful – the way they incorporate fashion and architecture into their whimsical portraits is nothing short of genius.


When in doubt, go small. Tatsuya Tanaka knows this well, since his career centres around using everyday objects as an endless playground for his tiny, beautifully-crafted figures. Dutifully creating one vivid scene of life every day, both his masterful craftsmanship and his gentle sense of humour are everywhere on his Instagram. And who knew that the enter key could be so enter-taining?


Aesthetic colours, beautiful animals, and a hefty dose of hard work make Karen’s Instagram possible. She’s insanely good at photography and editing and conscious of the environment – both of which she demonstrates through her beautiful photo composites of animals and nature in unusual places


Gavin Aung Than left a standard 9-5 job to draw cartoons, and we’re so glad he did. The concept of Zen Pencils is simple: he takes eloquent speeches and meaningful quotes and makes them even better with his gorgeous cartoons – either through illustrating a story based on the speaker themselves, or using his own endearing original characters. And in doing so, he’s made exactly what you need for an extra boost of motivation.


The reason we chose the lovable Rexie, above all the majestic cats on Instagram (of which there are too many to count), is because he has the best facial expressions seen on anyone, human or feline. The fact that he only has two working legs is just another part of his quest to become the most fantastic cat social media’s ever seen.


Hong Kong’s already a fascinating place, with its dense population and wealth of talent, but Tommy Fung makes it even more so. Like his username suggests, he photographs the city, but uses his immense editing prowess to make things a little different – or change the place completely. Either way, his Instagram is a playground for the bizarre, and it makes for a fantastic feed.


A lot of the artists on this list work with small things, and for good reason – it’s tricky to craft something detailed when you work in small-scale, and Salavat Fidai has the smallest scale of all, with just the tip of a pencil for crafting his magical sculptures. They’re really something that needs to be seen to be believed, especially the way that he can transform the lead into a boy taking a phone photo, or The Voice logo with a tiny separate mic.


What’s lurking in the shadows? Vincent Bal thinks that whatever it is, it should be turned into art. The shadows of two paper umbrellas can turn into the night sky over a city, the shadow of a water glass can be a gloomy winter day, the shadow of some scissors can be a confrontational cowboy – the way he incorporates charming cartoons into the shadows of everyday objects is almost too good to be true.


Zach King deserves every single one of his 20.7m followers, because the short videos that he posts aren’t anything you can find anywhere else on Instagram, or the internet in general. Formerly dubbed as the ‘FinalCutKing’ (after the video editing program, Final Cut Pro), he shows off his editing prowess in quick videos that make it seem like he has all the magic in the world in the palm of his hand.


Art can be made from anything – Andy Warhol thought soup cans were worth painting, Damien Hirst thought a taxidermied shark was neat, and @edgar_artis makes dresses out of every single thing that no one else would think a dress could be made of, to adorn the portraits he sketches and colours on paper.


Almost everyone on this list is a creator or a cat, but there was no way we couldn’t include @overheardnewyork, because if you’ve ever accidentally listened in on a conversation on the train that unexpectedly turned hilarious, this one’s for you. With out-of-context quotes from the wonderful people of New York, there’s something to be said about how funny people can be in their perspectives on everyday life. There are also accounts for LA, London, university campuses, and the store Le Labo.

Feature Image: Jakob Owens on Unsplash