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Praise the Almighty Avocado

Heads, shoulders, knees and avos.

What do a house deposit and your favourite breakfast additive have in common? Avocados.

They grow on trees and they’re the most important ingredient in guacamole. There’s no denying that avocados are in fact Australia’s most favourite FRUIT. Yes, fruit. Some would say that this nutrient rich creation is a gift from the gods. We say it’s a gift for your skin.

Thanks to the help from G&M Cosmetics’ Research and Development Chemist, Dr Visay Viengkhou, we’ve found a handful of reasons why you need to dash to your nearest fresh fruit grocer to get your hands on the mighty avo – regardless of your home-owning dreams.

Today, avocado lovers are adding the diet-friendly magical fruit to their skincare routine. From shampoo to cream, lip balm and face masks, avocados are the newest not-so-secret ingredient thanks to their naturally loaded essential nutrients. Dr Visay Viengkhou says that because avocado oil is easily absorbable, it can penetrate deep into the skin to help increase blood circulation, supply essential fats to further restore the skin to create that goddess-like glow.

Still not sold? Well, thanks to the mighty avocado being rich in antioxidants, you will never look thirsty thanks to avocado oil ensuring that your skin is protected from ageing damage. Improvement to your skin’s density, thickness, tone and general appearance is also attributed to the hidden vitamin C which is a big MUST in your skincare routine. Heavy in vitamin E, avocados can also help in maintaining moisture in the skin allowing, it to keep radiant. Plus, due to their high fatty acid content, avocados regenerate damaged skin cells by reducing facial redness and irritation.

Needing a DIY avocado skin treatment? We’ve got you covered with our three home remedies:

1. Is your hair needing a bit of moisture? Thanks to the biotin inside avocados, your hair will soon strengthen and grow. Mash your avocado up to create a hair mask and apply it to the lengths and ends of your hair. Once applied, wrap your hair into a shower cap, leave for 20 minutes and then rinse out.

2. Wanting a natural under-eye treatment? Because of the healthy fats, vitamin A and E, avocados are the perfect home remedy for under your eyes – so ditch the cucumber slices! Using a quarter of a mashed avocado, massage the homemade treatment into the skin delicately using your finger. Use a wet face towel to remove.

3. Coffee scrubs were great, but we can all agree that the mess and discolouring was not a perk. Now you can have super smooth skin thanks to this exfoliation that helps balance and moisture your bodies largest and fastest growing organism. Blending in a bowl, mix half an avocado, a dash of granulated brown sugar, a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of olive to create your own homemade scrub. Gently buff the mixture over damp skin and then wash off to feel amazing.

For more information and to buy G&M Avocado Oil Cream visit G&M Cosmetics.