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Nubo – A Luxury Play Centre in Alexandria

The revolutionary new play centre, Nubo in Alexandria is the first of its kind in Australia, offering limitless opportunities for children and families to play, explore, connect and grow.

Nubo, meaning cloud, offers stunningly designed play areas for children and parents to enjoy where everything, from the fit out, music, workshops and, importantly the food, is unlike any other play centre of its kind. At the heart of the concept is the encouragement of imagination, combining beautiful, clean, uncomplicated spaces and bespoke educative playing tools to inspire creativity, fun and meaningful play.

The centre which opened in November last year boasts a variety of beautiful ‘pure play’ spaces, with an extensive children’s library where they can curl up and read under a giant hot air balloon, a building and construction room which features toys and big building blocks, as well as a workshop room where children can explore music, drama and robotics.

The play centre even welcomes children into the café, to learn how to cook healthy dishes with the resident chef.


Nubo’s Chief Imagination Officer says Nubo is different to other play centres because it allows parents and children to draw pure enjoyment from connecting with each other, sharing precious moments and memories. “For many families, play centres have become brash, over stimulating and simply too loud, rather than helping to connect parents with their children, they have become a place to avoid.

“We are championing a new type of place – one that celebrates the innocence of childhood and brings play back to its essence.”

play area

The centre is recommended for children up to 10 (but all are welcome) and is open seven days a week (excluding public holidays) from 9am to 5pm. Adult admission is free while kids under 2 are $8.50 per child per hour, or $25 unlimited on weekdays and $12.50 per child per hour, or $37.50 unlimited on weekends. Kids over 2 are $10 per child per hour or $40 unlimited on weekdays and $15 per child per hour or $50 unlimited on weekends.

Nubo also offers three packages for kids parties including a variety of options such as free play in the centre, workshops and food starting from $44.50 per child.

If the world is but a canvas to our imaginations, then Nubo is the perfect place to Exercise Your Imagination.


For more information and to find out what workshops are on, head to Nubo’s website here.