Forget clean lines, stark whites and blonde woods. We’re heading back to good old nature for inspiration this year.

Ditch the marble, copper and geometric shapes for a much more organic and natural scheme. Think a mix of greens, dense foliage prints and pops of lush textures juxtaposed against a palette of saffron and cinnamon, suede and stone. Sound delicious? The Queen Bee of style forecasting; Victoria Redshaw of London’s Scarlet Opus has identified the five key styles we need to weave into our homes this year, and darling- they’re fabulous!

Organic Matter

The first of 2017’s new trends is one of the simplest, yet most effective styles you can implement in your home. Victoria says that we need to “allow nature to be a co-creator and co-designer to embrace very natural, unstructured processes”.  We are to create an organised chaos of nature and urban dwelling. For this trend you’ll want to incorporate a colour palette of urban concretes and verdant and lush greens with a highlight of tangy yellow-green to evoke thriving foliage and growth.  You’ll see a number of diverse textiles in homewares comprised of compressed hay, stabilised grass fibres, weaved fibres and loose finishes as “unravelling and spilling out” is a trend for 2017.

black and white tiled floor with green plants and furniture

Desert Wanderer

This trend “has a minimalist ethos, with a meditative slow, calm element to it” Redshaw explains.  It’s a trend to help us detach from our fast-paced lives and unwind peacefully in our homes.  The desert wanderer is a controlled rusticity made up of a coloured sandstorm of muted spice tones; saffron and cinnamons, deep mauves and inigos with hints of brass and silver metallic. There is a comforting and warm atmosphere created through raw, soft suede and salt-washed linen furnishings. A nod to the nostalgic past means we will see the reprise of terracotta, stone work and pottery; however all in a matte finish to add a hint of modernity.

large catci with linen lounge and wooden tables


Ladies, we’ve been told this one is because of us. Women are becoming more politically influential, represented, educated, independent and generally more in control so it’s only fair that our power be influential when surrounding design. 2017 is set to be an experimental, brave and less polite year with vibrantly expressive and bolder designs, specifically in terms of colour, shape and pattern. Victoria states “Strong is the new pretty. That is really the whole attitude of the trend”. Expect to see graphic black and whites with invasive pops of colour, confident greens and strong pinks. A splash of animal and layered prints and textures including wools will be woven into homeware styling.

colourful seat and pillows with tassels

Analogue Workshop

Similar to the Desert Wanderer the Analogue Workshop trend is a detox of the digital age which focuses on the beauty of everyday objects and simplicity of function.  Purposeful details such as buckles, screws and fastenings will be made design features. This simplistic trend will feature granite greys, chocolate and tan browns with accents of acidic yellow and cooling mint greens. Bronze and brass will also shine as highlights against concrete, cork and plywood.

simple wooden chair with cushion seat


The last of our five trends is one that will remove you from the stress of the digital fast paced world and into your own world of comfort, solidarity and peace. The concept of the “nook” will rise in 2017 as there is a greater desire to escape and relax. Relaxed furniture and fabrics will fill these spaces with soft and deep sofas, oversized love seats, chunky wool rugs, plush and comfy floor cushions. This oasis includes living green foliage, natural sunlight and raw-cut quartz, opal or metals to add sparkle and interest.

wooden interior floors and walls with blue tones and fabrics

Images from Pintrest