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Instagram isn’t just reserved for A-list celebrities. These mums shows us how it’s done.

Lets be honest, raising a child can be hard work, but it’s something that all parents wouldn’t swap for the world. At times it can also be extremely stressful, especially for first time parents who are still trying to figure out a working routine. And sometimes we all need a little motivation to keep us going. So in our downtime we love to explore the photo sharing application, Instagram.

Although once only consisting of celebrity, food and fitness accounts, the app has slowly began to evolve and we’ve begun to see more and more mum accounts emerging.

This is such a positive form of social media, as instead of women criticising each other, they are embracing their motherhood and sharing their experiences together. The app also allows mothers to encourage one another and share their secret tips and tricks with their following.

For many mums, Instagram has become a community where they can feel safe and seek any help without judgement. It is especially resourceful for first time mums who may be struggling, and they can reach out to fellow mothers by creating a conversation topic through their images or via direct messages.

So get comfortable, grab a snack, and check out these motivating mums on Instagram.

Ellen Fisher ( @ellenfisher

Ellen Fisher

Ellen Fisher, or as she calls herself “Mango Island Mamma”, is one of our favourite mum accounts on Instagram. She shows us how easy it is to feed kids such delicious, nutritious and healthy food. Ellen lives with her family in Maui, Hawaii, where they live on a raw vegan lifestyle.

Ellen got into the raw food diet over eight years ago for her own health, but now also focuses on serving her children the delicious fruits and vegetables that Maui has to offer. We love to explore Ellen’s Instagram feed for meal ideas and to try our hand at creating some scrumptious raw desserts to treat the family.

Jessica Smith ( @jessicasmith27

You may have heard of this inspiring Aussie mum, who has represented Australia at the 2004 at the Paralympic Games. Jessica is now one of Australia’s most sought after public speakers, as she addresses topics such as leadership, embracing change, and how she achieves a balanced lifestyle. On her account, Jessica is very genuine and often shares her mum moments with her followers, showing us that it isn’t always smooth sailing.

Today I officially suck in the mum department…breakfast all over the floor (and walls!) three outfit changes, and my frustration levels through the roof!

Zoe Foster Blake ( @zotheysay

If you’re ever looking for a laugh, then Zoe Forster Blake’s Instagram is the place to go. Her account is full of funny and incredibly cute pictures of her son, Sonny. Zoe wishes to put new mums’ minds at risk, by saying that “It gets better…It’’s true! It’’s so bloody true.”

She also shows us that being a Mum doesn’t mean that we have to put our own lives on hold. She is a skin care entrepreneur, lifestyle blogger, Australian author, and most recently, the creator of a Break-up application. There’s no holding this determined mum back! And if you haven’t heard of any of her works before, we’re certain that you’re familiar with this image that she uploaded to announce her pregnancy.

Marcia Leone ( @notsomumsy

Marcia Leone is a full time mum and the owner of the award winning website, Not So Mumsy. Marcia fills her Instagram page with beautiful images and inspiring captions, that often contain motivating quotes to keep us going. She shares fashion tips, relatable memes and details how life is going during her current pregnancy. Marcia’s page is full of love and support from mums, and if you’re ever looking for advice, this lovely lady and her followers will help you out.

Helena Schutz ( @thejnr

Helena Schutz is one of our favourite mums to stalk on Instagram. She has such an aesthetically beautiful feed, full of stunning photos of her children and their lifestyle. Helena shows us a realistic journey of motherhood and reminds us that having a coffee to keep us awake during the day, is more than okay. She is also the founder of Velse Universe, which is an online guide to culture, food and, style as well as tips on eating out and the latest children’s fashion.