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How to Keep that pesky New Year’s Resolution

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The roaring 20’s are here.

…and you’ve just channelled your inner Gatsby and thrown an elaborate jazz party, with booze and fabulous outfits. But yes, there is something you now can’t forget… that pesky New Year’s tradition where you promised to try and better yourself for the upcoming year.

That’s right. Your New Year’s resolutions.

This human tradition is a staple of New Year’s celebrations, but only 8 per cent of people actually achieve the goal they set for themselves with a resolution. That low number can be due to a number of reasons, mostly that 92 per cent of people have little to no will power or set themselves unrealistic goals.

For the 92 per cent of us that struggle to make a good habit stick, we have curated some helpful tips to keep that resolution for longer than the initial two weeks!

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Make it realistic

It is important to pick a resolution that is realistic for you in the life you are living. It is also important to set yourself realistic goals. If you set a resolution that is too far out of reach, you’ll just set yourself up for failure. Don’t commit to going to the gym every day if you don’t currently have a gym membership, it’s not happening.

Be open to change

Another very helpful tip to keep your resolution is a willingness to change and improve. Overall, if you’re just making a resolution for the sake of it, you won’t make any drastic improvements. Instead of uphauling your entire lifestyle, perhaps pick a resolution that is small but will drastically improve your life. Something like making time for self-care.

Don’t inhibit yourself

This tip is here to make sure you’re still doing the things you enjoy in life. If the things that make you happy involve going out for Friday night drinks with your mates, then don’t make your resolution to give up drinking. Sometimes you need to allow yourself the little joys in life that is letting your hair down on the dancefloor. Obviously, everything in moderation though.

Ignore clichés

Don’t pick a common resolution that everyone has. These resolutions are popular because they are easy on paper, but they are also most likely to be given up. Tailor your resolution to yourself. It is easy to say that you’ll go to the gym more, or take up running, or give up chocolate, but what about picking something that addresses a specific problem in your life? Maybe you have a bad habit of always leaving your sheets in the washing machine for a week after you washed them. Maybe your resolution should be about hanging your sheets out as soon as they’re done.

Don’t be so hard on yourself

Lastly, if you do fail to keep your new year’s resolutions, try not to be so hard on yourself about it. 92% of people fail to keep their resolution, so if anything it is normal to give up on yourself. Maybe your New Year’s resolution this year should be to keep this year’s New Year’s resolution? Can’t fail.

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Finally, we have some other helpful tips that will guarantee you keep your New Year’s resolution:

  • Don’t keep track. If you don’t actively keep track of your progress, how are you to know if you have failed?
  • Don’t make one. You can’t fail if you don’t make a New Year’s resolution.
  • Lie to yourself. Tricking yourself into thinking you’re keeping your resolution is a great way to keep your resolution. Take it to the next step and lie to your family and friends as well.
  • Pick something you’re already doing. If you go for a run every morning, just make your resolution to keep going for a run every morning.
  • Pick the same resolution as the person next to you. If your friend at the New Year’s Eve party says they will start making coffee at home instead of buying one every day, just say “same”. Copy their progress, nobody will be able to tell.

Hopefully, these tips help you pick and keep your resolution for the new decade!