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How to decorate the perfect home office

Are you a freelancer or small business owner who works from home? If you always have kids running around underfoot when you’re trying to work in a common space, chances are you’re considering turning one of the rooms in your house into a home office – or you’ve already done so.

But are you finding that even when you’re in your own space, you find your attention wandering? In that case, it might be time to consider redesigning your office space, to get you in the right frame of mind to work.

And that doesn’t mean a huge renovation project. There are a few small things you can do to change your office and overhaul your productivity.


Contemplate the colours


Image from Mia Baker

Colours have a phenomenal impact on the way your brain interprets situations, so choosing the right colour for your walls and decorations is imperative. People always assume warm colours are more stimulating, but blue has a significant impact on your ability to focus. Mix it in with a bit of orange to stimulate yourself and avoid taking a quick nap. Yellow also has the ability to incite creativity, so try and incorporate some yellow elements into your décor to stimulate your creative brain if you’re an entrepreneur or an artist.


Take note of nature

Image from Patrick Perkins 

There are scores of health and productivity benefits to spending time in nature, but if you’re largely confined to your home office, it’s hard to find that quality time. Make up for it by incorporating nature into your décor – even a single pot plant has proven benefits. Your productivity will also significantly improve if your office is well-ventilated, so keep your windows open when you can.


Bring in some bookshelves


Image from Sophia Baboolal 

Even if they’re not for books, they’ll be helpful as filing cabinets or simply places for nice ornaments. Extra space for filing and other miscellaneous objects will help you reduce clutter, a renowned enemy of productivity, while the wood finish will add a nice level of texture to your interior design.


Light up your life


Image from Norbert Levajsics 

Lighting has a huge impact on the way you feel and work, so make sure to not overlook it when you’re buying potted plants and staplers. Natural light is by far the best, so make sure your room gets a lot of sunlight in during the day, and keep your blinds open. And consider the light, even when the sun goes down – although warm, yellow light is soothing and comfortable, you’re more likely to fall prey to sleep when you switch on the lamps. Invest in some white light bulbs and keep yourself concentrating for longer.


Surround yourself with stationary


Image from Giulia Bertelli

If you don’t have a pen handy, instead of scrambling around for a half-used biro that you found on the kitchen counter, make sure you have everything you need with you. Stationary like pens, paper, and staplers are essential, for those times when you need to write something by hand. And they don’t need to be added clutter – choose stationary whose designs you enjoy seeing, and it’ll brighten up your workday. If you want summer vibes to supplement your work, Katrina Read’s award-winning stationary brand Arty Hearts will provide.


Feature image from Vadim Sherbakov