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Feast Fashion: A Style Guide for your Christmas table.

Three simple and elegant ways to make sure your table is the shining star this Christmas.

Christmas is only a few days away, and like many of us, you’re probably cringing at the thought of sweating it out in the kitchen trying to whip up delicious treats for your friends and family to enjoy. In the last minute rush of the festive season and with the pressure of getting things done on time, chances are you haven’t even had a moment to think about how your food will be presented – and doesn’t all that hard work deserve to look absolutely fantastic?  To help you save time, we’ve put together a simple guide to offer up some inspiration on how you can style your table on Christmas Day.

Rustic Christmas


Christmas can be such a rushed and stressful time of year filled with people, shopping, presents and advertising everywhere you look; so we suggest stripping all that back and creating a natural and relaxing environment for you to devour your delicious feast. Rustic table displays always look tranquil, warm and inviting, and when styled right also convey a sense of elegance and effortlessness. Natural timbers, linens and hessian, twine and foliage contrasted against stark whites create a stunning and simplistic tablescape. Not only is it easy to put together last minute it is also cost effective, leaving you with more coin for drinks and gifts!

We suggest: White plates, silver cutlery, linen napkins, crystal wine glasses or goblets, a hessian table runner, pinecones and white candles nestled between a foliage centrepiece made up of baby and seeded eucalyptus, blue gum and silver bell pods.

White Christmas


Now we know some of you are rolling your eyes; how un-Australian to have a snow-themed Christmas. But trust us on this one and turn down that aircon as low as it goes to transport your guests from a sticky Christmas day to a magical winter wonderland. They’ll be in for a treat.

Don’t stress either, we’re not talking about endorsing tonnes of fake snow to be spilled onto your recently vacuumed floors, but rather creating a “touch of frost” charm to your table. We prefer to create a sprinkle of sparkle and a frosted woodland to spark your guest’s wonderment and awe.

We suggest: White table linens, white layered square plates, silver cutlery, glass mason jars filled with silver baubles or silver foliage and branches, frosted pinecones, white candles and a light garnish of Monterey pine or Christmas garland.

Australian Christmas


Now if a rustic or white Christmas doesn’t tickle your fancy, perhaps embracing the hot Aussie landscape for your Christmas table festivities will. Natural colours and materials are still all crucial elements to the display, contrasting them against pops of red, muted greens and a sprinkle of metallic will help bring a sense of the great Australian outdoors to your table. It could even be as simple as an organised chaos of wild Australian foliage, eucalyptus, red Wattle and Christmas Bush as a runner resting on a bare timber table.

We suggest: Neutral linen placemats with white porcelain plates, accompanied by either silver or gold cutlery. We encourage the weaving of small branches and twigs throughout the centre piece or in small glass jars filled with metallic gumnuts and baubles.

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Photographs: Pintrest