Top 10 Celebrities Who Went Red

Rangas of the world, unite! Our history of prejudice is now taken over by jealousy, as men and women dye their hair red just to be like us.

To celebrate the recent Ginger Pride Rally on the Sunshine Coast, we at Hunter and Bligh are counting down the best celebrities who went red.

Ginger will always be the hottest colour ever to sprout from the human head, and in the celeb world, this fiery colour does more than just make them look good, it enlivens their personality. Natural redheaded celebrities like Ed Sheeran, Nicole Kidman and Prince Harry have helped entice a generation of celebrities over to the orange side.

Who will make the cut for the hottest faux redhead? Slap on some sunscreen and find out!

<strong>Debra Messing</strong>

Debra Messing

While her name is Debra Messing, everyone will always remember her as Grace Adler – the kooky, sassy interior designer on the hit show Will & Grace. She’s got a super-recognisable hair colour that has stayed for her whole career – even now her head is red. In fact, she considers it her biggest asset that takes up a lot of maintenance. Can you imagine her as a natural brunette? We surely can’t.
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Natural hair colour: Dark brunette

<strong>Sophie Turner</strong>

Sophie Turner

Just like Debra before, Sophie is more widely known by her screen character Lady Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones. It was her portrayal of Sansa where Sophie had dyed her hair a golden copper colour, which we think truly suits her in real life as well. After finishing up filming with Game of Thrones, Sophie has now dyed her hair platinum blonde and shared it on her Instagram. Can you guess what her natural colour is? (Image: Tinseltown / Shutterstock)





Natural hair colour: Light blonde

<strong>Evan Peters</strong>

Evan Peters

We cannot forget the dudes! Evan Peters has been many characters, donning various sorts of hair colours to match his various character portrayals. He’s been blonde, brunette, blue, black and around two years ago during the shooting for American Horror Story: Roanoke, Evan went red. A sort of auburny red that looked ginger under certain lights. Let’s just say the internet went a little wild during that phase. Good luck figuring out his natural colour.
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Natural hair colour: 

<strong>Katy Perry</strong>

Katy Perry

Perhaps the better question here is what colour hasn’t Katy Perry splashed on her head? Katy’s hair colour changes regularly, from all the colours of the fairy floss rainbow and through all the au naturel colours of the hairdressing industry. And then there was that time she went red for the red carpet, circa 2015. It was a gorgeous maroon that effortlessly spilt down to her shoulders in natural waves. Now for the hard part: What’s her natural colour?
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Natural hair colour:
Beach blonde

<strong>Rachel McAdams</strong>

Rachel McAdams

Red hair is so ‘fetch’, but don’t tell Rachel McAdams that. She’s famous for portraying the ego-driven mean girl who wears pink, but we like her in red. It brings out her facial complexion as well as her real-life bubbly personality. This particular red was shown off at the screening of the movie ‘About Time’ at the Kino am Olympiasee in Munich, Germany. Wunderbar, frau Rachel! As for her natural colour, this one should be easy for you.
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Natural hair colour: Mousy brown

<strong>Rita Ora</strong>

Rita Ora

Not as wacky as Katy Perry, but Rita’s hair has seen a fair few colours over the years. Her recent colour is the one you see here. It’s a vibrant red that stands out from the maroons, gingers and coppers of the natural red hair colour chart, and it is perfectly suitable for her eccentric personality and dancy RnB/electropop songs. Keep it up, girl!
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Natural hair colour: Brunette



Cher has changed her hair almost as much as her costumes, and only because most of those changes are wigs. Her latest hair change was seen at Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2018, and even though it doesn’t fit with the rest of this list (since they dyed their hair) she still went red in the end. As Cher herself once said: “Follow this, you bitches!” Natural hair colour, you ask?
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Natural Hair Colour: Brunette

<strong>Cynthia Nixon</strong>

Cynthia Nixon

Everybody knows her from Sex and the City as the brutally honest Miranda Hobbes, but now she’s paving a new career in American politics, focusing on the state of New York. To be clear, that red is not her natural hair colour, no matter how realistic it looks and no matter how long she sported it through SATC. We think the red looks nice when cut short – it’s just very Miranda.
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Natural hair colour: Blonde

<strong>Amy Adams</strong>

Amy Adams

Amy Adam’s has come a long way from her debut acting role in the 1999 cult classic Drop Dead Gorgeous, and through most of it she’s been making her hair that extra bit red. According to Amy, dyeing her hair red had a “dramatic influence” on her career. She reached the international stage following two breakthrough roles: Junebug (2005) and Enchanted (2007), and now sits among the A-list of celebrities – including her deep red waves. Good luck guessing her natural colour.
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Natural hair colour: Strawberry blonde

<strong>Emma Stone</strong>

Emma Stone

The year 2007 saw many new advancements, such as the iPhone and the A380 Airbus. But we can also be reminded about Emma Stone playing Jules in Superbad. Her hair was brunette then, with a tiny hint of red. It was only when she properly dyed her hair red in 2011 when people really started noticing her. Just a bit darker than Isla Fischer, would you believe. Does any of that help with guessing her natural colour?
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Natural hair colour: Deep brunette