The most unexpected fashion collabs


When fashion and pop culture collide, beautiful things tend to happen – Uniqlo springs to mind as a prime example. But sometimes, those collaborations aren’t the usual run-of-the-mill merging of forces. Regardless of whether you decry them or think they’re the best thing since sliced bread, there’s no denying that they’re a touch more unusual than the general public might expect. Either way, they’re entertaining, so take a look at our picks below:

Starbucks x Alexander Wang


If you’ve ever been afraid of spilling coffee on designer clothes, worry no more – this collaboration between Alexander Wang and Starbucks means your clothes arrive pre-stained.


Vetements x DHLvetements-dhl

Have you ever been so happy about a package arriving that you’ve wanted to kiss the postman? No? Either way, you can celebrate your love for postal services by dressing the part.


Christopher Kane x Crocs


Ah, Crocs – the scapegoat shoe of the internet. Star of several jokes, including this one viral Vine, the Crocs team may have thought a collaboration would restore honour to the brand. With shoes that look like a seashore, it’ll make any couture-loving comedian go ‘Shell Yeah!’


Gucci x Fiat


If you’re looking for something to celebrate your love of small vehicles and luxury brands, the Gucci x Fiat collaboration is the car for you.


Isaac Mizrahi x Kleenex


You know the feeling – you’re shivering and sniffling, with a runny nose and bloodshot eyes, in the midst of the flu. Hope’s not lost, though. You can restore a part of your usually stylish persona by blowing your nose with tissues from a designer box, so that even when you’re sick, you can show off your sense of fashion.


Supreme x Kermit the Frog supreme-kermit

In today’s streetwear-infatuated society, Supreme is king. Simple yet bold, the brand embodies the very essence of cool in contemporary youth. But there’s no cool without a healthy dose of fun, so they turned to Kermit the Frog – the unintentional instigator of many a meme.


Commes de Garcons x Nike Air Force 1s (2017)commes-de-garcons-nike

Commes de Garcons is known for daring to try new things, and that philosophy extended to their collaboration with Nike on their Air Force 1s. Taking the vintage trend a step further, they headed to the prehistoric time for inspiration for these dinosaur-toed shoes.


Christian Cowan-Sanluis x Acer


Although this was only a way to advertise a new Acer product, as opposed to a serious collaboration, this product is entertaining enough to warrant a mention anywhere. It’ll make you a hit at parties.


[Feature image via Christopher Kane]

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