Live Life Like A Fashion Brand

Fashion isn’t just about clothes – it’s a lifestyle.

So make it into one by incorporating fashion principles and brands into other parts of your life. Whether you’re looking for a music recommendation, an extra stop on your journey around NYC, or a new philosophy on style and life, these fashion brands have something to say and share:


Listen to music like Burberry

Image: Willy Barton/Shutterstock

It may not be common knowledge, but Burberry is a huge enthusiast of music as an excellent source of inspiration. Former President and Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey helms that enthusiasm, and has extended that joy into his departure with 17 Years of Soundtracks – celebrating artists who he’s supported throughout his time at Burberry, with their performances at runways and in music videos.


Go where Gucci goes

Image: Cineberg/Shutterstock

In 2017, Gucci pioneered Gucci Places, a campaign not centred around clothes, but around something that’s nevertheless very close to the fashionista’s heart – travel. Gucci created (and is continually updating) a list of places it thinks are worth travelling to, infused with culture, sophistication, and new ideas to invigorate and inspire. They’re not just fashion houses, either, with libraries, art museums and restaurants populating the list.


Have a real breakfast at Tiffany’s

Image: The Blue Box Cafe/Facebook

The Blue Box Café looks like the inside of a Tiffany box, as well as being the best place to indulge your dreams of being Audrey Hepburn, since it allows you to literally have breakfast at Tiffany’s. Elbow-length blackwhite gloves and a tiara aren’t the mandatory dress code – but with classic American dishes on a seasonal menu, served with a stunning view of New York from the 4th floor of Tiffany’s flagship store, you’ll want to hop online and make a reservation to live out your most glamorous dream.


Decorate like Ralph Lauren

Image: Ralph Lauren Home/Instagram

Although the brand is best known for its apparel, it’s had a longstanding history in the interior decorating world. And even if you weren’t looking to purchase Ralph Lauren’s luxury output, there’s still lots to learn from the brand’s aesthetics. For example, Spring 2019’s Sonoma Valley collection is a warm-toned collection of soft shades and rustic textures – an atmosphere of casual elegance that would inspire a redecoration of any level.


Think like Coco Chanel

Image: Creative Lab/Shutterstock

A legendary figure in the fashion world, anyone could stand to pick up a thing or two from the French haute couture queen: the idea that fashion should be stylish but comfortable, the power of an LBD and a good perfume (Chanel No.5 is an olfactory masterpiece), and the confidence that a bit of red lipstick can give you when you’re faced with life’s complications.