2018/19 Summer Style Guide: Mens

Fashion Flatlay. Image by NordWoodThemes via Unsplash.

In with the new season, and out with the winter jeans and jacket/hoodie combo we have grown so fond of.

With the weather just about to warm up, let’s take a look at what should be in your wardrobe for the hot season ahead.

Short sleeve shirts

These are going to be hugely popular this summer. As ‘dad’ fashion comes to a close, it may seem confusing to see the ‘dad shirt’ peaking now. But trust us, they are. They can be worn as a dressy piece, but are relaxed enough to be worn in a casual setting. Although, somewhat hard to style, pair it with some baggier pants (if you can brave covering your legs in the heat) or some chino or linen shorts for a perfect summer fit. These shirts look good with patterns or flat colours, granted you match your bottoms somewhat.

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Summer shorts

To partner your shirts, chino shorts are a dressy option that again can be worn in a casual setting. Essentially they can be worn almost anywhere, but don’t test your luck – avoid wearing them into the office. The fit is important for chino shorts, too short and they look funny, too long and, yeah Dad, try to avoid that too. An inch or two above the knee is normally a good indication of fit, and they can be worn both tight and straight, it just depends on your personal preference.

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Get your t-shirts out

Now you might think, ‘Hey, I’ve worn stripes for the last three years, surely I need to change it up?’ Wrong. Stripes again, are going to be huge this summer. Graphic T-shirts are also making a comeback, with loud designs becoming more and more prominent on t-shirts. But never underestimate the power of a simple black or white tee. So basically every style of t-shirt will be suitable this summer, and each can give a different look dependent on what you are going for, but the baggier fit seems to be emerging as incredibly popular this summer.

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Longsleeve tees

Totally underrated and under-utilised, longsleeve tees are a brilliant piece for summer, as they not only protect your arms from the sun, but they give off a different look from your normal tee. Spice up your fashion routine with a bold longsleeve, or pair a simple one with nice shorts for a dressier option. Personal preference is key for the fit, with designers and guys opting for a slimmer fit. The longsleeve should without a doubt be apart of your summer top rotation.

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Get your bling out

There has never been a better time than now to commit to wearing rings. They are booming, and the Australian independent ringmakers market is flying, with some of our personal favourite brands producing some beautiful pieces that add to your outfit in a subtle way. No doubts, you will see most fashion savvy men wearing signet or simple band rings in summer, so make sure to get your own, and add that extra special something to your summer kits.

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Straight fit pants

Yes, we know. It’s stupidly hot. But summer tends to bring a fair amount of rain in Australia, and with rain, comes some cooler weather, and you need to be prepared to pull out some pants for cooler summer nights, don’t you? Now, controversially, we think skinny jeans are out, and straight baggy pants are in. These, paired with a nice short sleeve shirt are a perfect ‘dressy’ summer outfit and ideal for a day out… (we didn’t say drinking, you did).

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Protect your eyes

Get some shades on, and shield your eyes from those evil UV rays. Sunglasses are a great way to accessorise and are also a must have during summer to protect your eyes from the sun. When wearing a simple outfit with plain colours, sunnies are an ideal way to spice it up. Sunglasses are moving away from the standard wayfarer style made famous by Ray Ban and towards the John Lennon shape, but most fall somewhere on the spectrum between the two. Make sure to pick up a pair or dust off last seasons glasses to protect yourself this summer.

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The perfect shoe

Shoes are a great way to add a splash of colour to your outfit, and this season, colourful shoes are increasingly popular. While the standard black and white shoes still need to be in your cycle, refresh your routine with a nice pastel shoe, or completely change it up from winter with a boat-shoe. For those of you feeling really out there sandals are slowly coming into fashion, with summer allowing you to roam free with your footwear options. It really is a magical time.

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Now this is a new one. Budgie smugglers are trending in a big way. Every man and their dog is rocking a pair of budgies, whether it be to swim or just under their normal attire. The general rule with budgies is, the bolder the better, and we can clearly see that is the case.

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Swimwear and Boardshorts

A universal staple, and a must for summer time. The boardshort is a crucial part of every casual outfit, ready for swimming and escaping the summer heat. Again, these shorts can be a simple plain colour or be a bold statement, it all comes down to personal preference. Make sure to have a few pairs in your wardrobe for the hot summer coming.

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