2018/19 Summer Style Guide: Ladies

The sun is shining and all of our long sleeves and pants seem way too hot to even think about wearing.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the copious amounts of fashion tips and tricks out there, so let us ease the transition into this years summer style, with our updated style guide for Summer 2018/19. Summer calls for light fabrics, short sleeves and loose-fitting pieces that can work both for a day at the beach or a formal event. Check out our guide to the styles that are trending for this summer.

Cherry Print

This print is the ultimate fun summer staple. The print could work for a casual or formal event and is very versatile in the way it can be styled and the accessories it can be paired with.

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Replacing ‘millennial pink’ as a closet staple this summer is yellow, both the light almost-pastel colour and the mustard colour. Bright and simple, yellow is a statement on its own and will also work well paired with natural and brown tones.

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Linen is perfect for summer for its lightness and wearability, as well as its durability. Linen is minimalistic yet just enough and gives off a subtle sophisticated feel.

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Puff Sleeves

The beauty about fashion is how much it can vary, and in this case come back into trend. The 80’s reminiscent puff sleeves have very much returned, more fabulous than ever. Their comeback, depicted above, has them featured as both feminine and fierce.

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Jumpsuits, playsuits and everything in between. These trends have been consistent over the past few years, specifically the jumpsuits and playsuits, while the overalls are a fairly recent comeback. The beauty of the all-in-one is how comfortable and easy it is – one item and you’re done.

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Oversized Suits

This trend will have you looking ready for anything. Going to work? No problem. Party or formal function? Got you covered. Daytime or nighttime, you’ve got a go-to look.

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Midi Skirts

Summer is certainly the season for clothes that can fit many different occasions, and the midi skirt is one of them. Suitable for pretty much any occasion, the midi is a newer trend that has taken off, adding a polish to the usual skirt look.

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Matching Two Sets

Matching sets are two fabulous things in one: a complete outfit, if worn together, and two-outfits-in-one, if worn separately. These pieces are just some of many, as designers around the world have taken to this style, and not only in more casual designs. Wedding dresses, formal wear and work – fashion is taking to this trend and we are happy to accept.

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The backless design, once only dominated by tops and dress, has expanded in recent years, and now includes jumpers and jumpsuits, specifically dungarees.  The trend is timeless, and adds elegance to any piece, and supports a cool breeze in the summer.

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Layered Necklaces

Last, but not least, is more of an accessory than a style, but regardless are ‘in’ this summer. The layered necklace  is delicate and pretty, perfect for a summer outing.

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