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Bedroom Styling this Winter

Winter is coming. And apparently for Sydneysiders it will be the coldest winter. Fantastic.

Now before you freak out, run home and resort to absolute isolation in your unprepared bedroom, Australian homeware haven Canningvale, based in Victoria, is here to help our bedrooms become the warmest, chicest and cuddliest chamber.

With the help of Managing Director Jordan Prainito, we’ve compiled five simple steps to transform your bedroom into a warmer atmosphere for the fast approaching colder months.

Think faux fur or cashmere blankets, wool quilts, velvet cushions and Persian rugs. Soon enough you’ll realize that your bedroom has transformed into a stylish boutique.

1. Colour Palette

Possibly the most important when styling a bedroom: accessories and layout. This can alter the entire rooms perspective in size, overall feel and warmth. This season focuses on bolder native Australian colours such as navy, emerald and burnt oranges. Unfortunately your blush pink throw was so last season. No need to opt for an entire quilt set; think accessories such as velvet circle cushions in a beautiful navy or green that will allow you to chop and change with the other accessories on the bed.

2. Bedding

First and foremost, flannelette sheets will change your life forever – I promise. Canningvale’s CoziCotton Flannelette Sheet Sets are made from 100% brushed cotton. Designed especially for the colder months, this will be a staple when redesigning your beds feel and comfort – literally. Flannelette sets allow you to stay snuggly warm, but allow you to breathe and not overheat at the same time. Choose a neutral colour, you can keep the same set of sheets, but alter the quilt set and other accessories for the outer layers. Genius.

3. Layering

Layering is important for all sorts of reasons. Firstly, it can add extra warmth and comfort for your sleep during those cold nights, who doesn’t love a snuggle? Secondly, it will add extra style and chicness to the room (yes, its a real word). You’ll want to feel snug in and out of the bed. This year, faux fur and woven knitted blankets is key for decorating any bed. Again, opt for neutral colours, the perfect investment for future years of bedroom styling. Again, think about what colour  easily blend in and be styled with the quilt set and cushions. You don’t want to break the bank for one season of winter styling.

4. Mood Lighting

Changing the lighting situation within a room can make a major difference. With the clouds outside turning grey, getting as much natural light in can be a bit more of an effort in comparison to the warmer months. Winter doesn’t call for blinding, bright light,  so adopt something new to set the mood. Amber glass or ombre style light bulbs might be something to consider changing in the room. Look at candles or lanterns that are decorative but still serve some sort of a lighting purpose. Rose gold and rustic coloured lanterns or light fixtures will help create that snug, warm look with a stylish and wintery twist to it.

5. Creative Rugs or Wall Hangings

Sometimes those super-duper-funky-thick bed socks aren’t enough in winter. Adding that extra layer of warmth on the floor can change the entire look of the room and keep your tootsies snug-as-a-bug. Persian rugs can be fantastic statement piece for the entire house and recently have become a popular statement piece in bedrooms. If the room doesn’t fit/suit a rug, try hanging a Persian artwork or smaller rug piece above your bed – this will extend the room to make it seem larger than it is and be a definite (and funky) work of art.

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