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5 Self-Care Items for the Modern Man

You’re not a cool man, you’re a modern man – a self-care man.

2019 is the year of self-love-and-care which is evident by the abundance of tips and tricks that flood a basic online search, each brimming with intrigue, as well as benefits. Ultimately, it’s what works well for you. Whether you enjoy a hike or two, watching endless hours of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos on YouTube, unwinding with some yoga, cooking or even cleaning – the options are limitless.

If the thought of infinite options causes unwanted anxiety, fear not, because we’ve found five items that will make you feel your best, both inside and out.

BetterYou Curcumin Oral Spray

Designed for faster absorption, BetterYou’s Curcumin Oral Spray uses super ingredient, turmeric, to allow users to stay on top of their curcuminoid consumption. Using an oral spray consumption method which has been proven to be 2.5 times more effective than tablets or capsules, the BetterYou Curcumin Oral Spray delivers anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties directly to the bloodstream.

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BetterYou Magnesium Oil Spray

We’ve all heard of the wonders of magnesium, and now, the men of Australia can put this power ingredient to the test thanks to award-winning natural health company, BetterYou. The Magnesium Oil Spray replenishes users and provides relief from muscle cramps, aches and pains. The perfect post-workout refresher.

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BetterYou Vitamin B12 Oral Spray

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Here’s another convenient, scientifically proven, faster and more effective way of consuming vitamins, specifically, the vitamin B12! Supporting healthy brain function and energy release, BetterYou’s Vitamin B12 Oral Spray is the fastest way to boost vitamin levels whilst containing no harmful substances. Using natural B12, green tea and chromium, the B12 oral spray will also help cultivate vitality and wellbeing.

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CoolXChange Gel Bandage

Needing a quick fix? Look no further than the CoolXChange Gel Bandage. Assisting in the prevention, management and recovery from muscle pain, swelling and inflammation, the gel bandage allows users to apply in areas that are over-worked and sprained. Plus, this reusable, self-adhesive gel compression bandage doesn’t need to be refrigerated thanks to the unique cooling agent which enables the bandage to stay cold at all times.

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Restoria Discreet Colour Restoring Shampoo

Sick of being a silver fox? There’s no need to worry as there’s a way to restore your natural hair colour without the hassle of dying it. Thanks to Restoria Discreet, Australia’s first unisex colour restoration shampoo, guys can now tame their mane and have it looking young and fresh without the harsh chemicals. Activated by air, Restoria Discreet Colour Restoring Shampoo reduces greying by mimicking the effect of melanin, whilst nourishing, strengthening and thickening hair to have it looking healthy again thanks to its extensive list of natural ingredients.

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