We Settled The Age Old Debate: The Bunny Or The Egg?

Is it just us or does chocolate taste so much better at Easter time?

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE chocolate on any given day of the year, but there’s something about it being in the shape of an egg or a cute lil bunny that makes it taste even better.

With so much choice on the market these days, though, we decided to find out what you guys really want to wake up to and induce your annual chocolate comma with this Easter weekend. FYI, we’ll totally be sending the Easter Bunny these results before he hops his way down under.

Coming in at the top spot is everyone’s favourite gold bunny, Lindt. At 38% you lot have high standards, but with it’s cute-as-a-button ribbon and bell we can hardly blame you!

Close on its tail (pun intended), with 32%, is crowd favourite Cadbury. It seems Cadbury can do no wrong (except for that one time someone decided to fill a perfectly good block of chocolate with vibrant coloured goo – we’re looking at you, Snack!) Let’s just stick with a classic Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg and hope that weird Aunty who always brings the Snack is heeding this warning right now.

Forget the chicken or the egg, the real question is: the bunny or the egg? And as it turns out, you just can’t go past the classic egg, with the humble egg coming in first place, the bunny close behind. But guys, it’s your third most loved shape that we’re obsessing over this year: the bilby! Sorry mum Easter Bunny, we will only be accepting cute-as-a-button bilbies this year (preferably from Haigh’s).

I don’t want to start anything, but the next one is a little controversial. Hollow or filled? The stats are in and 49% of you voted for hollow, but interestingly only 23% picked solid, with a thrifty 29% of you opting for filled! Creme eggs anyone?

You guys either have major self control, or a bunch of bloody liars. 40% of you told us you were planning on consuming 1-5 eggs this year! After the initial period of shock, denial and extreme guilt we felt upon reading this, we quickly came to the acceptance that no matter how hard we try, we will still be rolling around on the floor late Easter Sunday afternoon swearing we’ll never touch another ounce of chocolate again, knowing full well we’ll be doing the exact same thing next year.

With all this in mind, the 13% of you who wait to get your eggs until the mad rush that is Easter Saturday, you better hop to it as 73% have already nabbed the best bunnies off the shelf!

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