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The 10 Best Quirky and Unique Cafes in Melbourne 2021

The 10 Best Quirky and Unique Cafes in Melbourne 2021. Photographed by Xochi. Image via Unsplash.

Bored of brunch? Here are the best uniquely themed cafes that Melbourne has to offer!

It’s safe to say Melburnians are spoilt for choice when they’re hankering for a coffee. With over 2000 cafes across the city, sometimes it’s not enough to simply make just a ‘good’ coffee, or something tasty to nibble on; they have to offer something unique.

Today, Melbourne cafes are showing off the city’s creative streak with stand-out snacks, distinctive drinks, and eccentric themes. So if you’re looking for the most quirky, uniquely themed, hole-in-the-wall and Instagrammable cafes in Melbourne of 2021, this list is for you!

<strong>The Budapest Cafe</strong>
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The Budapest Cafe

Among the newest cafes to launch in Melbourne, The Budapest Cafe feels like walking through the lobby of the Grand Budapest Hotel. Inspired by director Wes Anderson’s penchant for symmetry, clean lines and pastel colours, every fine detail at The Budapest Cafe has a handcrafted feel that can only be described as cosy. A selection of Japanese staples such as soupless udon and omurice are a hearty brunch paired with top-notch coffee. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, Budapest Cafe also stocks the film’s iconic pink ‘Mendls’ boxes, filled with tasty desserts to enjoy.

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498 Swanston St, Carlton, VIC 3053
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One of the most original cafe concepts in Melbourne, Easey’s almost defies the laws of physics. On top of a multi-story complex in Collingwood sits three train cars, rusting and tatted with street art. Undeniably one of the coolest, uniquely themed vintage cafes in Melbourne; here the trains hang over the city, as if placed there by a feng shui King Kong. Inside, the carriages have been decked out to mimic a classic American deli, with booth chairs and sauce dispensers. Enjoy drop-dead delicious burgers, fries and hot-dogs while gazing over Melbourne.

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3/48 Easey St, Collingwood, VIC 3066
<strong>One Plus Piece Cafe</strong>
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One Plus Piece Cafe

Calling all anime fans: the One Plus Piece Cafe will catch you hook, line and sinker. Step inside to find one of Melbourne’s most Instagrammable cafes brimming with merchandise and collectibles from the beloved pirate themed anime series One Piece. There’s even a mural on the back wall dedicated to the show like an anime Last Supper. Between chunky themed burgers, decadent milkshakes, and One Piece latte art, this American-Japanese fusion cafe will have your tastebuds sailing the high seas.

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266 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn VIC, 3103
<strong>Marche Board Game Cafe</strong>
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Marche Board Game Cafe

Victory has never tasted so sweet at Marche Board Game Cafe. Right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, this boutique cafe offers the chance to eat delicious Taiwanese cuisine to the clitter clatter of Monopoly pieces. Dozens of board games are on offer: everything from classics like Catan and Cards Against Humanity to any number of obscure tabletop adventures. For the more musical among you, Marche Board Game Cafe also doubles as a karaoke bar, letting you belt out classic tunes to your heart’s content. Now it is your turn to try this unique experience for yourself.

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63 A'Beckett St, Melbourne, VIC 3000
<strong>Cat Cafe Melbourne</strong>
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Cat Cafe Melbourne

In one of Melbourne’s many picturesque alleyways lies the purr-fect place to hang out with friends: Cat Cafe Melbourne. Described as Australia’s first cat cafe, this two-storey coffee shop is littered with fluffy feline friends for you to snuggle up with while sipping a warm coffee. As uniquely themed as it is Instagrammable, many of the cafe’s pawed residents come from rescue shelters, giving them time to recover while looking for a new home. So if you’re looking to share a bite with some of the city’s fuzzier patrons, visiting Cat Cafe Melbourne is a tail you won’t forget.

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30 Guildford Lne, Melbourne, VIC 3000
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Eggholic operates by a simple philosophy: do one thing and do it well. The newly launched sandwich eatery offers customers mouth-watering Korean-style egg sandwiches. For those unfamiliar, imagine two thick slices of brioche bread, toasted, crammed with an egg and a variety of fillings. With four locations, Eggholic is considered as one of the best cafes in Melbourne; and this street food staple pairs egg-celently with their Korean lattes, or even a bubble tea from one of Melbourne’s best boba shops. But you better crack on before their delicious creations are sold out!

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Various Locations
<strong>Bakemono Bakers</strong>
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Bakemono Bakers

A converted city garage, Bakemono Bakers looks like a private parking spot when the roller doors are down. But when opened, the space transforms into a Japanese hole-in-the-wall cafe and bakery – complete with a wooden façade and rich doughy aroma – reminiscent of those found in Kyoto or Osaka. That inspiration carries onto the menu: popular items like their Korean-style garlic bread or Shokupan (milk bread loaf) are hard to come by in Melbourne. Time is of the essence at Bakemono Bakers: their pastries often sell out by midday – so plan to get there early if you’re keen to try one of the most uniquely themed cafe experiences in Melbourne.

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273 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne, VIC 3000
<strong>Cafe Colores</strong>
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Cafe Colores

Cafe Colores may bring a little colour into your life. This new, Melbourne-based Instagrammable cafe has made a name for itself with a bright idea: the whole space is lined with LED panels that change colour every month. While every new combination changes the mood and feel of the cafe, their South American styled snacks and coffee are consistently excellent. Of note are the pasteles, square-shaped pies popular in Colombia, which are filled with either chicken, beef, or eggplant.

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783 High St, Reservoir, VIC 3073
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Tasked with taking over a former sawmill and cabinet factory, the team at Krimper wanted to preserve as much of the original charm and interior as they could. The result is a rustic, vintage cafe in the heart of Melbourne that captures the feeling of an industrial warehouse, with bare brick walls, lofty ceilings and weather wooden tables. Just as quirky as it is beautiful, take a snap of that history in between steaming coffees and a standout brunch menu.

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20 Guildford Ln, Melbourne, VIC 3000
<strong>Hopetoun Tea Rooms</strong>
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Hopetoun Tea Rooms

While most cafes come and go, some have stood the test of time. Hopetoun Tea Rooms – with decadent cake displays and period specific décor – feels frozen in time from when it first opened its doors all the way back in 1892. The vintage charm carries over to their sophisticated selection of teas, scones and cakes that will have you raising your pinkie in glee. One of the most audacious high tea experiences Melbourne has to offer, this Instagrammable cafe will ensure that you spoil yourself silly with this ageless institution.

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421 Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

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Feature image: Photographed by Xochi. Image via Unsplash.