Lasagna is one of the best culinary delights to escape the boot-shaped land of Italia. 

Nothing beats bolognese sauce squished together with layers of pasta sheets and topped with creamy cheese. It’s a versatile dish, easily laced with all sorts of ingredients and flavours, and can be a standalone portion on a plate or accompanied with additionals like potatoes, salads or vegetables. And where better to celebrate this ravishing treat than Australia’s foodie capital of Melbourne. Come along and check out our top 7!


Ask any Melbournian where the best Italian is and they’ll likely point you towards Pellegrini’s – an establishment adored by the masses. And their lasagna? Just like Nonna’s! Don’t expect fancy-dressed plates, because these guys know the best part about lasagna is the flavour, not how instagrammable it can be.

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66 Bourke Street Lasagna

Maccaroni Trattoria

Some of us may want lasagna that looks a little more structured, which is absolutely fine, and so we recommend Maccaroni Trattoria for your scrupulous needs. The venue itself is quite fancy and aims for a subtle mix between simple and supreme. Bon Appetit!

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10-16 Manchester Lane, Melbourne Lasagna

+39 Pizzeria

Traditions are meant to be played with, because when they are we get some tantalising dishes that are eye-catching and mouthwatering on another level. For +39 Pizzeria, their mainstay lasagna recipe is 39 Layers Lasagna (pictured). As much as it looks fancy and well dressed, it’s also rather tasty.

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362 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne // 517 Malvern Road, Toorak 39 Layers Lasagna

Shakahari Too

Vegan lasagna? Yes, you heard that right! Welcome to Shakahari Too, Melbourne’s up and coming vegan establishment. Their “Lasagne Delizioso” is made with two types of pasta sheets and served with steamed greens vegetables, roast potatoes and carrots, and green salad dressed with an olive oil and basil vinaigrette.

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255 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne Lasagne Delizioso


Tiamo has fed the people of Melbourne for 40 years, but that doesn’t explain why their lasagna is so good. It’s good because they keep it simple. They don’t waste time making sure it looks like a work of art. Who cares? As long as it tastes beautiful and fills up bellies, that’s all the matters.

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303 Lygon Street, Carlton Lasagna

Cafe Rosco

While Italians will surely say that the best lasagna is saucy and rich, we think a fun alternative is making the top layer a little chewy. Cafe Rosco, as you can see in the accompanying picture, loves a chewy top layer. Which makes it a worthy addition to this list. What texture do you like?

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407D St Kilda Road, Melbourne Lasagna


Another majestic-looking lasagna! Donnini’s is a Melbourne icon with over half a century of experience in serving the Italian locals. The cafe fed and housed many post-war Italian migrants whose grandchildren continue to patronize Donnini’s to this day. Their lasagna is stuffed with bolognese, béchamel and parmigiano reggiano.

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320 Lygon Street, Carlton Lasagna