Split your bills the fast way with Groupee

CEO jared baker outside

This Sydney start up is putting an end to most awkward part of eating out.

We all love enjoying a meal out with friends, then comes inconvenience and awkwardness that comes with trying to split a bill. But thanks to Sydney startup Groupee, you can forget about hunting down an ATM for cash, trying to get down bank details or chase up those who never paid you back (and there is always one).

Working as a waiter at Sydney’s iconic Catalina Rose Bay restaruant, 29-year-old Groupee Founder and CEO, Jarred Baker said the idea came from his own experience after seeing customers fumbling with split bills.

“After working as a waiter at my friend’s restaurant I realised that split bills was a real pain point for both restaurants and customers,” says Baker. “I knew from first hand experience that making this process easier would benefit so many people, hence Groupee was born.

“This way, payments are completed instantly and securely with a simple staff verification on the customer’s device — all whilst never leaving their table.”

It works by having one person enter in the bill total on the app, making them the host, then selecting how many people they’ll be splitting with and sharing a bill code with their friends. Restaurant staff just need to confirm the amount and enter in their Groupee verification code and it’s done.

Yes, really. It’s that simple.

app interface

Groupee has a simple, easy to use interface making splitting bills much easier.

And diners aren’t the only ones to benefit from the app. Over 200 restaurants and cafes Australia-wide are already offering payment via the app including some of Sydney’s premium dining venues such as Catalina, Bistro Rex, Aria and NOMAD. The simple payment method will cut the time spent needed to process multiple payments.

Owner and operator of Catalina Rose Bay, Judy McMahon, said Groupee solves a genuine problem her staff and customers face every day.

“We are excited to be using a new technology which will speed up and simplify the process of finalising group bills, save us money and enable us to get back to offering exceptional service to our customers,” she says.

The app does charge each user a small fee (2.5 per cent), but this is still generally cheaper than the fee you would pay to get chash out at the ATM. It also charges the venue a 1.5 per cent fee on transactions, which rids them of the fee they would pay to a bank for the use of an EFTPOS system.

At this point Groupee is only able to split bills evenly which is fault that may frustrate individuals who picked cheaper meals or weren’t drinking alcohol, but Baker has told there are new functionalities in the works to resolve this.

Groupee is available for free on Apple and Android devices.