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Salted Caramilk Ice Cream, Blueberry & Fried Banana Bread recipe

Oh yes. You read correctly. 

The team at Upper East Side Bondi have shared with us their deliciously wonderful Salted Caramilk Ice Cream, Blueberry & Fried Banana Bread recipe so you can have it all the time at home.

So let’s get cracking on this dessert masterpiece.


• 185ml cream
• 225g castor sugar
• 4 eggs
• 2 gelatine
• 1 tsp pink salt
• 165g butter

In a medium hot pan make a dry caramel with the sugar, add the cream, cook until smooth and allow to cool to 80oc. Pour over eggs and take to 82oc. Whisk in the butter, gelatine and salt until smooth, pass and set over ice. Transfer caramel curd into piping bags.


• 1ltr milk
• 300ml soy milk
• 400g condensed milk
• 60g sugar
• 65g glucose
• 75g trimoline
• 100g full cream milk powder
• 11g nh pectin

Bring the milk, soy milk, condensed milk, sugar, glucose and trimoline to the boil, then blend in the milk powder and pectin. Pass and chill over ice, then freeze in paco jet containers and churn.


• 400g ripe banana fresh
• 100g compressed dates
• 2tbl malt extract
• 110g butter
• 55g veg oil
• 230g castor sugar
• 115g brown sugar
• 2 eggs
• 115g sour cream
• ½ vanilla pod
• 460g plain flour
• 1 tsp baking powder
• ½ tsp salt
• ½ tsp cinnamon

Blend banana, dates, malt extract and vanilla until smooth, mix in the sour cream.
Cream the butter with the sugars, add the eggs then the oil. Fold into banana mix.
Sieve all dry ingredients and fold into banana mix.
Line cake tins and bake @170 for 35-45mins


500g frozen blueberries
25g castor sugar
10ml 12yr organic balsamic vinegar
3g agar

Or if after that you think it’s too much work, just head on down to Upper East Side Bondi, and simply enjoy!