We all know the saying ‘The ones you love the most, will hurt you the most…’ But what if that wasn’t the case?

To be clear, we’re talking about food, not your significant other. 

It’s no secret here at HB we love our food like Kanye loves Kanye, and sadly sometimes that doesn’t work too well with our fitness goals… So what if we were to tell you maybe those foods, those beautiful foods we all love so much, didn’t have to be the bane of your #summabods existence?

This is where we introduce you to FroPro, Australia’a only ice cream with a 5-star health rating. It tastes like ice cream, it looks like ice cream and even smells like ice cream… so it must be ice cream right? FroPro is ice cream with a makeover, creamy, flavoursome, insanely low-sugar makeover – which we tried and tested, and then bought home in all three flavours.

FroPro is the brain child of ex-professional Rugby Union player, Ed O’Donoghue. The former footy-star is a self-confessed foodie (aren’t we all Ed, aren’t we all…) who, as an athlete, loves to stay health-conscious and enjoys making healthy-alternatives to some of his favourite treats. After attempting to come up with his own home-made, healthy ice cream – to no avail – Ed invested in a top of the line ice cream machine and eventually came up with a combo that hit the sweet spot (literally).

The Australian owned and made ice cream has reimagined the ultimate comfort food, providing sweet-aholics with a high protein option which crushes it’s competitors when it comes to staying healthy. FroPro is 95% sugar-free, and check this out: FroPro contains 4.8g of sugar per 100g of ice cream; Blue Ribbon Vanilla Ice Cream contains 17.9g of sugar per 100g… (Excuse us while we pick our jaws up off the floor.)

To make matters even sweeter (but not with sugar), FroPro is also low in GI, all natural, gluten free, low fat; produced using Australian milk and in case you were wondering, FroPro gets it’s sweetness from natural sweeteners such as organic stevia! The end result is a deluxe comfort food we would be honoured to chow-down on in front of some decent Netflix.

So this week, as you reach for that naughty ice cream in the Woolies fridge… stop and think, ’78 calories per tub, 95% sugar free, summer is only 12 weeks away’ (oh god)…