Love Is In The Air with Doughnut Time

Doughnut Time brings us their limited edition Valentine’s Day doughnuts to help spread the love this February 14.

They key to our heart is dessert, and Doughnut Time is spreading the love this February 14 with three exclusive Valentine’s Day doughnuts, including a vegan option.

The Don’t Want No Scrubs doughnut has a strawberry and raspberry glaze, topped with white chocolate, heart-shaped sprinkles and a pair of deliciously pouty chocolate lips.

The VoVo-glazed Shout Out To My Ex is a red velvet doughnut filled with strawberry cream cheese and topped with mini chocettes, strawberry and silver pearls, pink sprinkles and chocolate hearts.

Their vegan addition to the Valentine’s Day lineup is the Don’t Be Cruel, with vegan chocolate, raspberry and cream glazes, topped with freeze-dried raspberries, mini heart sprinkles and vegan chocolate crumb.

Don’t be Cruel (vegan), The Don’t Want No Scrubs and Shout Out To My Ex will be available in all Doughnut Time stores from 10 February until 14 February at $6 each. 


For details on locations close to you, click here.