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Local Secrets: Fitzroy North, VIC

Danny's Burgers. Photographed by Markos Hasiotis. Image supplied via Hunter and Bligh.

Northern highlights. 

Fitzroy North is a comfortable three kilometres away from the wild bustle of the city, but there is still plenty to do and enjoy. From fine dining to takeaway, classic literature to gaming, there is something for everyone. Sit back and let this local expert navigate you through the best that this suburb has to offer.

Best Burgers: Danny's Burgers

Opening in 1945, Danny’s has firmly cemented itself as the burger capital of Fitzroy North and one of the best in Melbourne. While the burgers may not have fancy names or Instagram-worthy prettiness, they are packed with flavour and fresh ingredients that are prepared to perfection. Equally impressive are their famous fries, milkshakes, steamed dim sims and the fact that they operate from midday to early-morning every day! So come and dine at Danny’s Burgers and you’ll see why customers have been returning for 74 years.

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358-360 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North

Best Buffet: Citrus

This new arrival to Fitzroy North has won many fans and satisfied many stomachs with its authentic Sri Lankan cuisine and warm service. For $15 per person (yes, $15) you can eat as much scrumptious rice, veggie and meat dishes until your heart is content. There’s also a generous basket of papadums and it’s borderline impossible to stop after eating just one – perfect to pair with Citrus’ delicious Mango Lassi. Citrus restaurant does generate a crowd so bookings are recommended.

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252 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North

Best Park: Edinburgh Gardens

Truly everything one would want in a park is contained within this 24-hectare haven. Massive trees to sit under, garden beds, picnic and BBQ areas, a skate park and even playgrounds to enjoy. But it doesn’t stop there. There’s also tennis courts, a basketball court, lawn bowls, a table tennis table, cricket cages and a footy oval. Bikes and dogs are welcome too. On your visit, be sure to snap a photo of the golden worm statue that was unveiled recently. You read that right.

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Alfred Cres, Fitzroy North

Best Cafe: Mary Miller Cafe

Nestled amongst residential houses and a primary school, Mary Miller Cafe is a treat for anyone who dares to venture off the main road. Enjoy a coffee to your liking and satisfy the tummy with their scrumptious breakfast and lunch options. This place is cozy in winter and comfortably airy in summer with friendly customer service in every season. If you want an all-round lovely cafe experience, Mary Miller Cafe is your girl.

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171 Miller St, Fitzroy North

Best Takeaway: Super Tasty Rooster

This chicken and chip shop has been consistently delighting the tastebuds of North Fitzroyians for years. You’re probably more likely to see a unicorn on the Route 11 tram than you are to have an unsatisfying meal at this place. Their roast chicken, chips, potato cakes, nuggets, gravy, you name it, are all packed with a well-seasoned deliciousness that stuns the senses. There’s also veggie burgers and a range of salads for customers who prefer a healthier (but still tasty) option.

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121 Scotchmer St, Fitzroy North

Best Pasta: Good Times

There are numerous places in Fitzroy North where you can get an enjoyable bowl of pasta. What separates Good Times from the rest is the sheer mystique and uniqueness of the place: the restaurant is only open three days a week, it has no website and it features butchers paper on the tables which diners can draw on! Through word of mouth, Good Times has become a local hit and the quality, reasonably-priced food continues to draw people in.

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214 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North

Best Bookstore: Already Read Bookshop

No matter how digitised our world gets, there will always be a place for books. One of the best places for books in north-east Melbourne would be Already Read Bookshop. Lining the walls of this charming establishment is a dazzling and very diverse selection of fiction and non-fictions books. The whole place has a homely design and vibe that makes you feel like you’re in the living room of a trusted friend. Also, be sure to check out the adorable children’s section when you’re there.

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98 Scotchmer St, Fitzroy North

Best Falafels: Just Falafs

Ever wanted to dine in Israel without leaving Melbourne? Just Falafs can make it happen. The mouth-watering, shapely and healthy falafels offered here have been blowing the minds of happy diners since early 2017. There’s also a solid selection of sides to enhance the falafel experience: dips, pita, salad and also chips, if you’re feeling naughty. Plus, all food is served with a smile and without any plastic packaging. Enjoy!

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207 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North

Best Game Store: Maze of Fitzroy

Gamers of Melbourne, rejoice. This welcoming store is stocked with every type of card, board or tabletop game that you would want. There’re also spacious (and often pumping) rooms in which you can play with others. Should you have any questions or want to engage in game-related banter, the friendly staff will assist. Enter this store and you’ll quickly find yourself in a state of nerd-vana.

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323-327 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North

Best Pub: The Fitzroy Pinnacle

It looks like a cathedral on the outside and an antique store on the inside. What once was a post office, The Fitzroy Pinnacle offers a strange yet undeniably appealing pub experience that is the pinnacle of the Fitzroy North pub scene. There’s all the expected drops from local and imported beers and an array of wine and spirits. The food is restaurant-quality and designed to please a variety of palates. The pub is also home to blazing live music events, weekly trivia and a cosy beer garden if you just want to chill. It’s the perfect pub with a bit of extra character thrown in – just like Fitzroy North.

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251 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North