KOI Dessert King is finding inspiration in fruit

Masterchef’s Dessert King, Reynold Poernomo has created the perfect solution to your fruit dilemma.

Ever thought you weren’t eating enough fruit, or eating too much cake? Solve your problem at KOI and indulge in their limited edition Fruit series — a series of cakes designed to look indistinguishable from what you’d find in your fruit bowl. The perfect dessert to welcome in the spring, they’re available for a steal at $12 from KOI stores all around Sydney – a small price to pay for the work of a spectacular chef.

Koi Dessert Bar’s Apple and Pear from the Fruit series.

The treats on offer are the Pear (pear cardamom mousse with poached pear, pear jelly and almond joconde), the Peach (white peach mousse with sudachi, peach and peach schnapps), the Mandarin (mandarin vanilla mousse with pineapple jam and lemon madeline), and the Apple (apple mousse with apple cinnamon confit and almond joconde).

Koi Dessert Bar’s Peach and Mandarin from the Fruit series.

After competing in Masterchef’s 2015 season, Reynold Poernomo collaborated with his brothers Arnold and Ronald to create KOI, a restaurant whose name stands for ‘Kids of Ike’ in a tribute to the trio’s mother. The subsequent dessert bars are a testament to the brothers’ collective expertise – in addition to Reynold’s position as the 2015 Masterchef fan favourite, Arnold gained fame as a judge on Indonesia’s Masterchef and Masterchef Junior.

The dessert bars – which are opened in Chippendale and Ryde – are in equal parts welcoming and classy, with the latter having more of a ‘casual vibe’, says Reynold.

He comments, “What’s great about KOI Dessert Bar is you have the choice between sitting downstairs and having coffee in a more casual environment and enjoying cake with friends – you can even buy our desserts to-go. Or, you also have the choice to head upstairs for a more formal evening and enjoy a savoury and dessert degustation or just a set dessert menu with cocktails.”

The brothers haven’t lost their heads to fame either, making sure to remember their roots.

“All of our desserts have flavour composition as the number one priority. I like to use Asian flavours, Asian herbs and Asian dessert techniques. Then I make my own unique adaptations to create an interesting fusion,” shares Reynold.

The wealth of experience the brothers share makes any Poernomo dessert an incredible treat – so find yourself a culinary experience that’s one of a kind, and indulge in KOI’s new spring collection of delicious desserts.   

These delectable fruit desserts are only available until the end of September in limited supply each day, so take a trip to KOI and treat yourself.

KOI Dessert Bar Chippendale
02 92912 1230
46 Kensington St, Chippendale 2008

KOI Dessert Bar Ryde
02 9809 4720
Shop 3, 62066 Blaxland Rd, Ryde 2112