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Faro : In All Its Meaty Glory

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Faro Korean Grill
5 Lorne Street, Auckland CBD
Mon to Fri 11:30am – 2:30pm
Mon to Sun 5:30pm – 10:30pm
09 3794040

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, then Korean food, apart from the excellent cabbage dishes and bean dishes, doesn’t really suit you. Don’t get me wrong – I like eating green, but if you want to know what the Koreans really excel at – then its meat.

Faro in Auckland’s Lorne Street, something of a little Korea in the city, is a BBQ restaurant, which means that when you order a meal, the waitress will bring a steel pot full of glowing coals and grill the meat on a wire frame on the table.

Pork, chicken, wagyu beef – they have it all, in wafer thin flash barbequed slices which are dipped in sauce and melt in the mouth.

The restaurant is wood lined and made up to look like an original Korean barbeque house (I haven’t actually been to Korea) which tends not to work, but the staff – who are excellent, are all Korean and are efficient, knowledgeable about their food and happy to help.

In the process of ordering the waitress was explaining to us how each of the meats were treated and marinated; this one in garlic, that one in ginger, this one with salt and we kept saying “yep that sounds nice – we will have one of those..”

I have to admit this meant that after a long day at the beach we went on a beef extravaganza when we were there – beef salad which was finely sliced, fast fried beef marinated in garlic served on a bed of excellent vinegary coleslaw and then various grilled meats – which come with dipping sauces, cabbage and onion sides washed down by Cass – Korea’s excellent beer.

Feature image via twohonesttruths