Sydney perhaps unlike any city I have ever lived in is a morning city.  Perhaps it’s the beaches or the sun, but it’s a place that gets up early, exercises and goes out to eat.

I quite like going out to breakfast, after exercise. I quite like having people bring me food and coffee, it’s a great way to catch up with someone, it’s a great way to have a date – it’s not a serious as lunch or dinner and you can eat as many eggs as you like.

Getting a good breakfast after a long walk or a swim is pretty hard in most capitals. Almost impossible in London and Berlin, difficult in Tokyo unless you like hotels but in Sydney the breakfast food market is cutthroat and very good.

The restaurant’s name – Delicado is a Spanish for Delicate, which makes you think of light tasty meals that come with a Piccolo of coffee and leave you refreshed and wanting more.

But breakfasts at Delicado aren’t delicate – they are hearty and tasty and big enough for a shearer’s lunch.

The restaurant is in an old terrace house about halfway down Blues Point Road a tree lined restaurant strip tucked in below north Sydney and features inside and outside seating.

Image via Delicado Facebook Page

We sat outside I ordered a double espresso and a three egg omelet – my breakfast companion – a Latte and eggs and baked beans with ham.
I was delighted by this because I know to maintain her ballerina like body she never finishes anything she eats. Or perhaps it’s because she never finishes anything she eats she maintains a ballerina’s body. It’s not that she doesn’t like food – she does – she just doesn’t like very much of it and i’m never sure whether to be annoyed by every half eaten dinner that I pay for or to admire her discipline.

Here’s the first thing that you should know – if you are one of those people who takes coffee seriously – I am by the way – I just prefer not to have discussions about it, it’s a something that should remain a private passion. Like reading  Harry Potter novels as an adult.  It’s a perfectly fine thing to do – but keep it to yourself.

In any case – if you like coffee – go to Delicado, the people making it there really know what they are doing.

The Omelet arrived promptly and it came stuffed with fried Halloumi Cheese, Mushrooms and tomato and was mostly delicious. It was however a little bland – I made the mistake of taking some of the green chili sauce which dots every table at Delicado and painting a thin cross on the Omelets top to break up the blandness of the egg.

This was a mistake. This sauce is hot. Properly, burn in the mouth, act as an alternative fuel for a power station – excuse me while I quietly sweat and clear my sinuses, hot. It sent me gasping for the chilled water rendered me silent for a good few minutes.

When my mouth recovered, I also tasted my breakfast companions baked beans – which were fat white navy beans in a tomato sauce complete with chunks of bacon which were sweet and delicious.

We both finished with a Café Canario – a Spanish coffee served in a shot glass – featuring Espresso served over condensed milk, which is as evil and sweet as a three year old with a machine gun and like a three year old with a machine gun – only to be enjoyed occasionally.

Image via Delicado Facebook Page

Three and a half stars – a solid outing and noticeably good for the area.

(02) 9955 9399
134 Blues Point Road, McMahons Point, NSW
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Tue – Sun: 7am till late

Feature image via Delicado Facebook Page