Contain Yourself – Whitehart to Open in Melbourne

outside of whitehart bar in melbourne

Contain your excitement, Melbourne has a brand new container bar opening in the CBD.

Nestled in the heart of the city, Whitehart is poised to be one of the most intriguing bars of 2017, and a definite travel destination. It promises to be an all-encompassing gathering space with great music, craft beers and cocktails, boutique wines, a rotation of Melbourne’s favourite food vendors. To top it all off, it’ll be a kaleidoscopic visual feast of projections and art.

large mural of a cat on a wall

Situated at the end of Whiteheart Lane, the bar has a unique history, sharing its name with the White Hart, a legendary majestic creature of folklore across multiple cultures. All the mysticism of the animal serves as a backbone to the originality of the bar.

Created by husband-and-wife team Stephen Johnson and Sabrina Santucci, the containers sit among large recycled steel frames over two levels.

“We had been parking in the old car park at the end of Whitehart Lane for several years, and had often thought the car park was an awesome space that was under-utilised,” says Stephen.

The whole construction is wrapped up in unique design features typical to Melbourne fashion. As part of a collaboration with local artist Daisylegs, several multistorey art installations and wall projections have been created to highlight the urban atmosphere of the venue.

the interior of the whitehart bar

The contrasting nature of the bar is one of its many enchanting qualities. Stephen explains, “The space is large yet intimate, industrial but green, outdoors yet undercover. You’re in the CBD yet hidden away, and the artwork is world class. It’s a totally unique experience.”

The idea of creating a bar in a shipping container has been with the duo for a long time. Both have had careers which inspired elements of the Whitehart experience – Stephen works as a filmmaker, and brings his travel experience to informing the creation of the bar, while Sabrina has combined experience working in hospitality with a career as an artist and a passion for food.

“The thought of creating a bar of our own always excited us,” says Stephen. “Our aim is to make Whitehart like no other bar experience in Melbourne. I think we’ve achieved that.”

Whitehart is set to open to the public Friday 3 March.

0417 893 389
22 Whitehart Lane, Melbourne
Mon-Wed 12pm-11pm, Thur 12pm-12am, Fri-Sat 12pm-1am