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Best Pizza Around Australia

Pizza is the ultimate go-to when you’re not bothered enough to cook. It’s also got a national holiday on February 9!

But why call up your local pizzeria to satisfy your cravings when you can go for the best and make a night of it. To make sure you have the tastiest pizza, we’ve compiled a list of the top two hotspots in each state capital. So hide away that gym membership card, get into some comfortable clothes and let’s give our┬ástomach a workout instead.


Frankie's Pizza

Frankie’s is a well-known establishment with a love for pizza, graffiti, craft beer and hardcore rock’n’roll. The joint is laden with old-school memorabilia, arcade games, hipsters and scribbled-to-death lavatories.┬áThe pizza is served on a wooden tray, while their music is served live and loud every night.

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50 Hunter St, Sydney Titty Twister

Macchiato Wood Fire Pizza & Coffee Roastery

On the polar opposite of Frankie’s style is Macchiato Woodfire Pizza & Cafe, sharing a fancier approach to pizza design and taste. They serve up the classics while bringing in some feisty signature pizzas, such as the Ragu Di Agnello, with slow cooked lamb ragu, mozzarella, yoghurt and lemon. It’s rustic fine dining, Italian style!

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Shop 2, 338 Pitt Street, Sydney Carnivora


+39 Pizzeria

+39 is the international dialling code for Italy, showing that +39 Pizzeria always calls Italia home. This means you won’t find pineapple on their menu, but, you will find bellissimo names and descriptions of their pizza range. Aim for the classic Margherita or get a little more exotic.

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362 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne // 517 Malvern Road, Toorak +39

DOC Gastronomia Italiana

DOC Gastronomia Italiana knows that there is an art to pizza making. They know that the best pizzas are not just about flavour, but about eccentricity. And they know they are best matched with tasty cocktails or fancy beer. It is artisan at its finest, matched with Italian flair.

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Various locations Pizza ai Porcini


Paesano Pizza & Pasta

These guys specialise in all things Italian, including mouth-watering bruschetta, but they are well-known for their tantalising pizza range. The kitchenette in the back is filled with the homely aura of family, relative or not, making sure that each and every pizza is made with love.

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108 Lansdowne Cres, West Hobart La Bomba

Local Pizza

The best pizza is not necessarily the most well-known pizza. It’s the best because it’s bloody amazing, and Local Pizza is one of those wielding that position. The establishment is an open interior, sharing the kitchen with the dining room without even a window in between. It may be a little out of the way for some, but it’s worth the trip!

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52 Maroni Road, Berriedale Notorious P.I.G


Sunnys Pizza

This small spot packs a punch in their wickedly intimate range of pizzas. It has a casual retro vibe, easily filled to the brim with patrons, serving up a classy collection of beverages to match your feast. Make sure to pre-book before you arrive so you don’t have to wait a while – even though we think it’s worth the wait.

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17 Solomon Street, Adelaide #4

Tony Tomatoes

You know you’ve had good pizza when you don’t have to eat for a few days, which is a speciality at Tony Tomatoes. It’s a casual and chic eatery in North Adelaide, teeming with fabulous waitstaff within a beaming atmosphere. But their pizzas are filling, which is a necessity to pizza lovers.

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155-157 O'Connell Street North Adelaide Eat My Breast


Solo Pizza

Solo Pizza is the perfect place to eat with friends and not by oneself as the name seemingly suggests. Solo means “only” in Italian, and that’s exactly what they serve up (except for desserts, which is okay by us). And with 32 different pizzas, you will easily find something to match your taste.

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Shop 5, 135a Coode Street, South Perth Portofino

Alfred's Pizzeria

We have to admit, pizza goes so much better with beer, which makes Alfred’s Pizzeria a top spot for pizza. Their drinks list is just as impressive as their pizza menu, with a quaint selection of local and national brews. There’s absolutely no better way to spend your after work (or after grocery shopping) drinks.

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37 Barrack Street, Perth The Fonz


Julius Pizzeria

Julius has prided itself on being the go-to place for anything Italian in Brisbane – whether it’s pizza, pasta, antipasti or wine. Fall into a much-needed food coma at Julius Pizzeria, and then spritz yourself up with a tasty wine or sugary treat. Be warned though: they are very popular, so book in advance to avoid waiting.

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77 Grey St, South Brisbane Gamberri Piccanti

Corbett & Claude

This place is classy and has been voted as the best pizzas in Brisbane – we wouldn’t show you anything less! Corbett & Claude is awaiting your presence, especially with the whole menu laden with yummy bites and quirky beverages. And best of all, they’ve got three venues to choose from within the Brisbane area.

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283 Elizabeth St, Brisbane & Westfield Garden City