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Becco. Because It’s Good

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11-25 Crossley St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Mon – Fri lunch & dinner
Sat – dinner only
(03) 9663 3000
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Because the meeting finished early and we didn’t have anywhere else to go we got to Becco a half an hour early and the staff were all gathered in the bar getting a debrief on the day when we pushed our way in at 11:50 am.

The plan was to sit at the bar and to talk about work projects until our guest arrived. If the staff were surprised to see three men in grey suits stumble in the, they didn’t show it. They welcomed us and asked us if we wanted a drink.

But because it was sunny and brilliant and they were busy, we sat outside in the lane and and ordered Birra Moretti and sat in the sun and waited.

If you haven’t had Birra Moretti, try it. It’s the Italian version of VB – a simple sweet lager style beer that’s drinkable and perfect on a hot sunny day in a Melbourne lane way.

We sat in the sun and talked work and drank beer and then the client arrived early, so we sat in the sun and drank beer and talked work with him.

At 12:30 our table was ready and we went inside. Becco is an Italian restaurant, which has been around since the mid 1990’s, started the ‘laneway” scene when it opened up the space at the back of that other Melbourne Institution Pellegrinis.

It has enormous windows that look onto the lane, tiled walls, open kitchen, linen tablecloths and white shirted and black trousered waiters and waitresses. It’s got great glasses and flatware and it’s got simple and excellent food.

Our waiter was young, pointedly Italian, very serious about his food and very, very good at service. Fast and efficient and knowledgeable. It reminds you of how much a good waiter or waitress makes a difference. Because I know that, because he worked hard and it’s Friday, I tipped heavily when I paid and said – if no one tells you today – you did that really well.

All of us had the special entrée: Scallops wrapped in pancetta and served on a pea puree and fresh pesto tagliatelle with prawns, one had the Gnocchi and one the Crumbed Veal – a serve so large that it covered his generous plate.

Becco does this type of food well. Simple, unfussy and delicious. We asked the waiter to choose a wine, something white, cold and dry from the north of Italy. He did, bringing us a Pinot Grigio from the Lombardy region of Italy.

Go to Becco, because the food is good, Go to Becco because its reliable, Go to Becco because it’s a nice place to sit and talk but if you get a chance this year: Go to Becco.

Feature image via Becco facebook page.