From ancient sites to sleek modern up-and-comers, it’s safe to say the right aesthetics with an eye for the unique can make any drink go down quicker.

Aside from their location, these establishments harness the likes of heights, nature, neon, earth, wind and fire; to serve up quirky settings for a session… or seven. The kinds of places where the bar has a mouth of its own, and it’s shouting for you to take a sip. Take a seat, we can assure you won’t be disappointed.

Drink responsibly-ish…

Le Titty Twister in Paris, France

Titty Twister, Paris, France; image via Travelsort

A wildcard much like the name suggests, Le Titty Twister pairs hip-hop and house beats with flaming bar-tops and in your face neon signs. Located off the Champs-Elysées, its little lighting, candle-clad, long leather couches and late night non-existent curfews channel all things Tarantino’s ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’. Quintessentially street-French, it is heralded as one of Paris’s top stops for a good night out and is everything the phrase ‘rendezvous’ suggests.

5 Rue de Berri, Paris, France
Thursday-Sunday, 12pm-6am

Sunland Baobab Bar in Limpopo, South Africa

Baobab Bar in Limpopo, South Africa; Image by Hansen Selyn

Think draft beer and a wine cellar inside a tree – literally. Located in the naturally hollowed out insides of a Baobab, known for its rounded, swollen-like trunks; the spot was likely to have been around for over six thousand years before becoming a bar in 1993. Accessed by a small opening large enough to fit one person at a time, it’s not the most ideal place for large group sessions but great for solo-dart players and about sixty patrons at one time. The natural temperature of the tree also allows to the wine cellar remain at a constant 22 degrees.

leeudraai Ga-Kgapane, Limpopo, South Africa
Monday-Sunday, 7am-5pm

The Baxter Inn in Sydney, Australia

Baxter Inn, Sydney, Australia; Image via Where to Tonight

Sydney’s very own prohibition themed underground wonderland complete with scrolling wall ladders and an extensive library of big boned whiskies. Whether it’s on the rocks or in a cocktail, the Inn’s no bookings, no functions, free for all mentality means a hodge-podge of the city’s uni students, city slickers and businessmen looking for an after-work oasis make for an eclectic array of humans roaming around. As avid pretzel enthusiasts, be sure to enjoy a woven basket of goodness to take the edge off as well.

Basement 152-156, Clarence St, Sydney, Australia
Monday-Saturday, 4pm-1am

Warpigs Brewpub in Copenhagen, Denmark

Warpigs in Copenhagen, Denmark; Image via Copenhagen by Night

This brazen, white-tiled, picnic table pub settles amongst Copenhagen’s meat packing district and some of the most extensive bespoke beers around. Part American ‘3 Floyds’ and part Danish ‘Mikkeller’ the duo boasts twenty-two beers on tap at any one time; six house and fourteen wildcards. Bordering on biker gang, it’s perfect for groups or if you’re just looking to brush shoulders with one of Denmark’s best drinking scenes.

Flæsketorvet 25, København, Denmark
Monday-Thursday, 11:30am-12am;
Friday & Saturday, 11am-2am;
Sunday, 11am-11pm

sketch. in London, England

The Parlour at sketch., London, England

Pseudo-art gallery and all parts glamorous, this forward thinking, imaginative den of restaurants and bars is the ideal taste of upper-class English knack. When you’re not dining in the iconic Gallery or taking your royal time in of one sketch.’s one of a kind egg-pod bathrooms, take a pick from The Glade – an Alice in Wonderland wonder meets enchanted forest; The Parlour – an eclectic take on 90’s aesthetics with astute attention to detail; and The East Bar – A sleek, modern bar version of the their unmissable egg-pod.  Regardless of your choice, the drinks are darling. The London spot.

9 Conduit St, London, England
The Parlour: Monday-Friday, 7am-2am; Saturday, 8am-2am; Sunday, 8am-12am
The Glade: Monday-Friday, 11am-2am; Saturday, 8am-2am; Sunday, 8am-12am
The Gallery for afternoon tea (with access to East Bar): Monday-Sunday, 11.30am-4pm
The Gallery for dinner (with access to East Bar): Monday-Saturday, 6.30pm-2am; Sunday, 6pm-12am

Subsix in Niyama, The Maldives

Subsix in Niyama, The Maldives

This speedboat-access-only underwater bar and restaurant serving Champagne breakfasts and exclusivity, is the ultimate place to wine and dine, nestled just off the private island of Niyama. Patrons descend a three-tiered staircase to meet the clam-inspired, glass interior with Italian chandeliers made from shells and dining chairs resembling sea anemones. Think three-hundred and sixty degree underwater views; subaquatic, gourmet meals and the light of the sea illuminating the space in a perfect hue of blue. Sea you there! (Get it?)

Huluwalu, Niyama, The Maldives
Lunch: 12pm-2:30pm
Underwater Glow Parties: Wednesdays & Saturdays, from 9pm
Private Champagne breakfasts and dinners are available upon request

Alux in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Alux in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico; Image via Pintrest

Ten thousand years in the making, Alux is a restaurant, bar and lounge – inside a cave. Specialising in local delicacies, seafood and Mayan cocktails, Alux has a range of rooms to fit around two hundred and fifty people as well as VIP Vaults for private dining and exclusive gatherings. Legend has it, Playa del Carmen is guarded by the Aluxes, Mayan elves who prayed to the gods offering protection and prosperity. The same can’t be said for your hangover.

Av. Juárez Mza. 217, Ejidal, Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Monday-Sunday, 5:30-11pm

The White Rabbit in Moscow, Russia

The White Rabbit in Moscow, Russia; Image via Vogue Russia

Coined one of the top restaurants in the world (number twenty-three if you’re counting) with a trendy, experimental bar to match, The White Rabbit is the answer to all your roof-top bar dreams – a glasshouse dome atop Smolenskly Passage. Celebrating all things Russian, expect traditional Borsch soup with a twist, original and sometimes daring recipes, local produce and a gastronomical experience your stomach will thank you for. Sit back, soak in the three-sixty views over Moscow and give the classic ‘White Rabbit’ dessert a go (a mixology dream of whipped red currants and apple with sake, apple liqueur and carrot). You’ll thank us later.

Smolenskaya Square, 3, Moskva, Russia
Sunday-Wednesday, 12pm-12am;
Thursday-Saturday, 12pm-2am

Please Don’t Tell in New York, USA

PDT in New York, USA; Image via ThirstyMag

Whether you genuinely need to make a phone call or you’re desperately chasing that funky bar thrill, access via phone booth is a good way to start. As whimsical as lower east Manhattan gets, these speakeasy, cocktail making, hot-dog lovers team up with neighbouring eatery Crif’s Hot Dog’s to create the perfect combination of meats, eats and boozy treats. Snug, swanky, a little sexy and way-too-cool-for-school, Please Don’t Tell is the perfect place to maybe drink one glorious cocktail too many (Bacon-infused Bourbon anyone?) and enjoy some well deserved ‘post-drinking food’ – all in one place.

113 St Marks Pl, New York, NY, USA
Monday-Sunday, 6pm-2am

The Iron Fairies in Bangkok, Thailand

The Iron Fairies in Bangkok, Thailand; Image via Designboom

If a blacksmith walked into an enchanted forest and wanted somewhere to drink with his elf and pixie friends, this would be it. ‘Iron Fairies’ of Hong-Kong, Tokyo and Bangkok were the brainchild of Western Australia designer Ashley Sutton. The bars feature over ten thousand preserved butterflies suspended above the drinking areas, thousands of antique toys and keys hanging from the roof and enough pixie dust to turn Tinkerbell as green as her dress. Brass, leather and all things rustic roam free amongst old furnaces which open up to reveal private seating areas. With concoctions as unique and exciting as the bar itself, we recommend you try the ‘Pink Tako’, a sweet drink garnished with dried octopus.

ซอย ทองหล่อ ซอย สุขุมวิท 55 Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok, Thailand
Monday-Sunday, 6pm-2am



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