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Review: Goodfields Eatery

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Goodfields Eatery
Shop 4/5, 23/41 Lindfield Ave, Lindfield, NSW
Breakfast and Lunch: Monday to Sunday 6:00am-5:00pm
02 9415 6716

On the right side of the tracks – meet Goodfields Eatery in Lindfield.

Nestled on the corner of new Linfield village building, on Linfield Avenue, Goodfields seems to be (based on the queue of people standing on the pavement waiting to gain entry) an instant success. Yet, as we all know success is never instant – it’s hard earned. The Karnasiotis family have history. From humble take-aways to notable eateries, such as Mr Spofforth in Cremorne, they’ve learnt the art of creating pleasurable eating.

Goodfields Eatery doesn’t disappoint. It’s a big space. The textured, tiled walls, broken by fernery, antlers and the floral, leather bench seating, creates an environment far removed from the street outside. The vibe is busy, bustling, but the noise is never intrusive. There’s the hum of enjoyment.

Overseen by affable George and Anthony Karnastiotis the service is friendly, efficient. You’re not left waiting.

The breakfast menu is difficult, in the sense of so many choices, so limited (stomach) capacity. Call us poor but we’ve never had lobster for breakfast. Never considered it an option really. It is an option at Goodfields – so we did. To put it simply: a symphony of subtle flavours. From the hand rolled bagels, tender lobster, light hollandaise sauce, perfectly runny poached eggs, to the smashed peas – it was an experience beyond our normal fare.

Our other HB tester bit off more than she could chew in the Hotcakes with berries, crème fraiche, passionfruit curd, and coconut. Again done with subtlety, every ingredient given an opportunity to shine, she admitted defeat before the finishing line. A shameful waste of fine food!

And importantly – the coffee report: The barista knows their beans. A well-crafted brew, worthy of a second cuppa.

Word has it, subject to council approval (Council – please do the right thing) outdoor seating will soon be available. This will only contribute to ensuring Goodfields Eatery becomes a North Shore eating destination.

A destination well worth the journey.

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