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It’s The Most *Rockpool* Time of The Year

Silly Season means three things: food, booze and presents.

All of which our good friends at Rockpool Dining Group are giving the hungry/thirsty people of Australia in spades. Getting around the festive season and spirit of ‘giving’, Rockpool Dining Group has gone full steam ahead and in under a month has and will be opening 5 new restaurants. Calm your stomachs and curb those intense cravings – here’s what you need to know.

Let’s start with what has already opened: Saké Restaurant & Bar at Manly Wharf. Earlier this month the Japanese powerhouse Saké opened its doors to the food-loving people of Sydney’s Northern Beaches – at the iconic Manly Wharf. Floor-to-ceiling bi-fold windows and doors open to a spectacular terrace that gives diners breathtaking ocean views. With an emphasis on izakaya-style food, the menu caters to all occasions and appetites – offering affordable bites from the robata grill, paired perfectly with Sundowner Session drinks as well as the famed high end dining.

Aside from offering outstanding meals, Saké also places focus on their impressive drinks menu, offering an extensive selection of Japanese spirits, whiskies, Sake by the glass and of course, famous Japanese beer. There is also an emphasis on Gin, with the restaurant offering over 30 distillations.
An all-round dining experience you’d be slightly bonkers to miss out on.

A stones throw from Saké is the newly opened legendary Tex-Mex, El Camino Cantina. Bringing it’s famous (and extremely large) frozen margaritas and sombrero-splashed party vibe to the seaside, El Camino Cantina’s second venue offers a huge 365-seating restaurant with a dining terrace opening into the new rooftop of Manly Wharf – ideal for Sunday sessions or summer drinks after a long day at work.

The food of El Camino Cantina barely needs introduction but be sure the favourites are there in generous amounts. From the complimentary and unlimited tortilla chips with salsa to soft shell tacos topped with piquant ingredients, sizzling chargrilled fajitas, burritos fat with fillings, and hot buffalo wings – every diet, appetite, fussy-eater and midnight-munchie is sure to be satisfied.
Pair the evening with perhaps one too many specialty margaritas and a sombrero for an evening you won’t forgot (and may not remember too clearly after all that tequila…)

Now to who’s opening and what’s to come. Prepare your taste buds because this is big news and it’s likely it’ll involve a lot of beer and hotdogs. Opening today in Sydney’s west, The Bavarian will debut at Wetherill Park – offering 500 free hotdogs to celebrate! The new venue boasts over 300 seats, including outdoor seating, in a casual yet contemporary setting. Just in time to fuel Christmas Shoppers heading to Wetherill Park Shopping Centre, The Bavarian is offering all it’s famous favourites, including crackling pork knuckle, plate-sized schnitzels, platters of classic meats and sausages, and big, Bavarian beers.

The diverse menu offers something for everyone, including lighter bites such as chicken wings, pork bao buns and spicy squid, as well as fish and chips, a range of loaded schnitzels with generous toppings and build-your-own salads from a checklist of fabulous, fresh ingredients. The menu is complemented by over 17 beers on tap, including imported Bavarian favourites which are are accompanied by an extensive menu of local craft beers, including an in-house range by Urban Craft Brewing Co.

And if that’s not enough of The Bavarian for you, never fear. Opening this coming Friday at Stockland’s Shellharbour Shopping Centre is Rockpool’s 25th Bavarian venue. Once again celebrated with 500 free hotdogs, the family-friendly dining venue will be the 13th Bavarian in New South Wales. Offering the usual favourites in both food and drink, we can’t think of a more exciting way to celebrate both Friday and The Bavarian.

But wait – there’s more! Queensland and Brisbane it’s time to rejoice, Santa Rockpool is delivering one sweet, mouth-watering venue to you: Australia’s third El Camino Cantina. To celebrate the launch, El Camino Cantina will be holding a three day fiesta which kicks off this Friday at 6pm.

The launch is offering a ticketed, two-hour party package which includes all the favourite Tex-Mex bites, margaritas, bubbles, wine and beer – for only $69pp! Over the three day fiesta guests can indulge in their famed $2 tacos, 10c spicy buffalo wings and an endless supply of complimentary tortilla chips and salsa – plus $7.50 margaritas served either frozen or on the rocks!

And for those of you in our beautiful city of Melbourne, Rockpool hasn’t forgotten you either. Launching this Thursday (tomorrow!) is a Rockpool Bar & Grill Pop-Up at Alfred Place – open every weekday for lunch! There’s also a gift boutique opening alongside the pop-up, helping customers looking to make some foodie-related festive purchases. The pop-up menu boasts some of Rockpool Bar & Grill’s highlights, including freshly shucked oysters, tomato and burrata salad; fried Rock Flathead and our personal favourites – David Blackmore’s full-blood Wagyu hamburger and the famous Steak Frites with Café de Paris butter.

So do yourself a favour (or do we mean flavour?) this silly-season and head down to one of the many, delicious newly opened venues from Rockpool, we promise you won’t regret it – plus your stomach will love you!

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