8.8Overall Score

Efendy Restaurant
79 Elliott St, Balmain NSW 2041
Breakfast Saturday and Sunday, 9am – 12pm
02) 9810 5466

Sydney’s best breakfast is here, and the venue’s been around for eleven years…

If you’re like us, you find pure happiness in pottering around the suburbs of Sydney tasting, sipping and recovering at a vast number of cafes for a spot of brunch. From holes in the wall and quirky cafes, to the cult foodie classics, each spot has something a little different, and  hopefully something you’ll love.

Efendy does just that, it makes you realise you’ve uncovered a rare gem – you won’t find smashed avo here. In fact, for breakfast there is only one item on the menu, with one price, so the agonising decision of what to order has been done for you. Another giant tick if you ask us.

Each Saturday and Sunday, between 9am and 12pm the Van Breakfast Feast is on offer- the ultimate and literal smorgesouboard of Turkish delicacies. Inspired by Van, an eastern border city known for its famous lake, cats, seasonal cheese and breakfast houses, the team behind Efendy sought to indulge their customers with the traditional sitting.

The breakfast board includes more that 30 types of Turkish breakfast delicacies including a rich selection of baked goods like simit and pogaca, variety of Anatolian cheeses, olives, spreads, house james, seasonal vegetables, fruits, menemen, sucuk, pastirma, a hot egg dish and a weekly hot special. But we warned, majority of these stunningly delicious sweet and savoury treats are laden with cheese. To our dairy-free readers we regret to inform you that you’ll definitley have to give this one a miss, and what a true shame it is.

Cheese lover? Then this board couldn’t get any better – you’ll be in awe of the Turkish techniques of injecting cheese into everything. There’s fetta infused eggs, thick sliced cheeses of Anatolian, cheese filled pastries, grilled halloumi (must be eaten with the Turkish honey for complete foodie experience), string halloumi (because why not), cheese filled gozleme(special of the week) and even a cheese, pistachio and tahini crumb. Yep, all of the cheese.

Now if you’re thinking ”I’m going to need something to wash down all that cheese’‘, never fear, unlimited turkish tea, apple tea or Turkish coffee is also on offer, all included in your $35 per head fee. Please remember, Turkish coffee is not like the espresso we are used to, so drink with caution- definitely give it a crack if you’re a coffee fiend.

All up, an absolute breakfast must in 2019.