What Will Happen in GoT Season 8?

Well, what our readers think will happen in the finale series.

Hunter and Bligh recently ran a survey to ask all the die-hard Game of Thrones fans what they think will happen in the final season – the season that we had to wait TWO ENTIRE YEARS FOR. With anticipation now at its peak and the launch date in clear sight, the people want to have their say. So, here is what you think will happen in Season 8.

1. The lover-leadership battle begins.

Well, not literally, however, according to our readers, there are two clear favourites for who will rule Westeros at the end of the series…and yep you guessed it – Daenerys Targaryen(29%) or John Snow(22%). As much as we would love either or both of them to rule, haven’t we learned Game of Thrones doesn’t follow a fairytale structure? We wouldn’t be surprised if both, unfortunately, didn’t make it. And on that note, scarily 13% of you think no one will. That’s right, some have shared the belief that no one will rule, not even the Night King – everyone and we mean everyone will be dead. On a happier note, next in line for King or Queendom include Tyrion Lannister(11% and has our vote!), Sansa Stark (10%) or the Night King (5% – please don’t let this come true).

Daenerys Targaryen & Jon Snow AKA Aegon Targaryen: Image via HBO

2. The battle no one wants to win – Who will die first?

We’re not kidding ourselves, we’re prepared to lose a few more loved (and despised) characters along the way in the final series – but who will it be? Again there were two clear favourites for the unfavourable title. 1 in 3 of you is adamant Sir Davos Seaworth will be the first to go, closely followed by Cersei Lannister (23%). Can’t we switch the two? There was also a shared consensus on the probability of Sandor Clegane (The Hound) and Tormund Giantsbane’s chances of dying first with 17% and 16% (respectively) saying they would. Thankfully only 8% of you think John Snow will die again…could the show really be that cruel?! Well, considering…. the beheading of Ned, The Red Wedding, King Joffrey, John Snow dying, Ramsay Snow’s whole existence, Cersei blowing up the whole city, Little Finger’s deceit…

Sir Davos Seaworth: Image via HBO

3. Let’s bring it all back to Bran. 

The once loved little Bran has now turned into quite a creepy, detached and interesting man/myth/raven-king… that also seems to be too involved in the whole situation – even though he went missing through pretty much all of season 5! So we asked the question, are the rumours true? Could Brandon Stark, in fact, be the Night King? If you haven’t heard the Night King theory you can find it here. For all of those who have, here’s what our readers voted. 26% are absolutely certain Bran is the Night King – no doubt about it. Just under half of you are a little sceptical and think that it is somewhat likely that he is. The remaining 28% of you say “Shut The Front Door, there is NO WAY he is”.

Night King & Brand Stark: Images via HBO

4. The question on everyone’s lips.

From the start, we were told of a “Prince who was promised” who would save Westeros…We saw Stannis Baratheon burn his daughter, Shireen, at the stake, in the hopes he was the prince, then was saw John Snow resurrected from the dead- so we assumed he was the prince, but hold up – don’t forget Missandei then corrected the translation of the prophecy and told us it was a Prince or Princess, which totally threw a spanner in the works…So, who do you think it is? Leading the race with over a third of the votes is Daenerys Targaryen (makes sense), closely on her tail is her new beau, John Snow(28%). And not far behind, making for an interesting twist, was Gendry Snow, Robert Baratheon’s bastard son on 24%. Could the blacksmith be the promised prince? The final contenders, with a very small following of 7% each are Tyrion Lannister and Samwell Tarly.

Gendry Snow: Image via HBO

5. How to kill what is already dead.

The white walkers have proven to be a real problem for the folk of Westeros, especially with an army of the dead in the 100’s of thousands. So how will they be defeated? This is the question that has split the readers. The most voted likely solution is placed on the shoulders of much loved Samwell Tarly, and apparently, we’re going to love him even more as he will discover ‘ a last-minute method’ on defeating the white walkers. Next, it’s the dragons (of course), with 21% voting their fire breathing will be too hard to defend against. Similarly, 1 in 5 of you thinks that a mountains worth of dragon glass or wildfire will be used against the deathly cold figures. For 15% of you, Bran will finally step up and ‘warg’ the dragons to take control and end the war. So, which are the less likely of situations? Only 4% of you have any faith left in Cersei Lannister and have predicted she will finally join forces with the others to defeat evil, whilst only 3% of you have a forgiving heart and will see the return of Melisandre and an army of Red Priestesses alongside her to work their magic and save the day. A dark and lonely 7% of you think the white walkers will never be defeated….

Night King: Image via HBO

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