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The Most Anticipated Films Of 2019

From the newest Marvel masterpieces to contemporary-generation Disney, there are plenty of familiar faces and stories to welcome into our cinemas.

2019 promises to bring vision to those previously confined to the pages of books, with adaptations of several best-selling novels. And, as always, there are the movies no one would ever expect, like one from Linklater. So take a look at our list, and figure out when you’re going to rush into the cinema (note: all release dates are US dates unless otherwise specified):


What Men Want (8 February)

The gender reversal of the Mel Gibson film, with the charm of the original infused with the politics of 2018.  Taraji P. Henson takes on a more comic role this time, playing the determined career woman who goes from being constantly snubbed by her male colleagues to fighting her way to the top with a bit of psychic help, giving her insight into the minds of the men around her.


Captain Marvel (8 March)

Arguably one of the most anticipated films of the year, Captain Marvel is being billed as a ‘different kind of origin story’ by producer Kevin Feige. Starring the ever-fantastic Brie Larson as the eponymous Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel), this take on the comic book will give a backstory to the character, who goes from airforce pilot to galaxy-wide hero, and may well set up her character for future Marvel appearances.


Image: Slash Film


Us (15 March)

There’s no denying the absolute success of Jordan Peele’s 2017 feature Get Out, so it makes sense that cinema-goers are anticipating the release of his next film, which the tagline describes as ‘a new nightmare’ from Peele. There’s not a ton of information, but what we do know is that it centres around two couples, one white and one black.

Image: Jordan Peele


Pet Sematary (4 April)

Stephen King has been churning out novels with remarkable speed since the start of his writing career, so we wouldn’t call this a comeback, but he’s definitely getting around Hollywood – or his stories are, with the second adaptation in two years. The title refers to the pet cemetery (sweetly misspelt in the title) that rests near the characters’ house, that hides a rather haunting secret.


The Curse of La Llorona (19 April)

Folktale figure La Llorona gets a 2019 upgrade with a new horror feature – she’s historically known as a woman who drowned her children in anger at her husband’s infidelity, then herself out of guilty, condemning herself to an eternity of weeping over her children’s deaths and attempting to kidnap other children. In the 2019 film, she targets the children of a social worker in 1973 LA, a truly horrifying experience for the mother trying to protect her offspring from the supernatural force.


Avengers 4 (26 April (UK)/3 May (US))

A lot is up in the air about this well-awaited sequel to Infinity War, including who’ll return. The plotline is said to be ‘even more shocking’ than the previous one by the lovable Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, and there’ll be plenty of fresh faces to go along with the well-loved ones. Only time will tell with this one.

Image: Screen Rant


Rocketman (17 May)

Although many may think of Taron Egerton as the charismatic Eggsy in the Kingsman movies, he’s also an excellent singer – which makes him the perfect fit for a role as the young Elton John. Featuring some fantastically extravagant costumes as per the trailer, which also features Egerton’s melodious voice, it’s not so much a biopic as a ‘fantasy musical’, as Egerton has proclaimed.


Aladdin (24 May)

One of several live-action Disney remakes coming out this year, Aladdin comes with the surprising twist of being directed by Guy Ritchie, and with Will Smith as the genie. Relative newcomer Mena Massoud takes on the role of the roguish Aladdin, reprising the same storyline we know in a magical new way.


X-Men: Dark Phoenix (7 June)

Sophie Turner takes the lead in this year’s X-Men movie, where a space mission gone wrong culminates in her character, Jean Grey, losing control of her powers. Not only that, but her loss of control results in the escape of the formidable and powerful Phoenix.  It’s a rough problem for the X-Men: how do they defeat the villain, when the villain is one of their own?


Lion King (19 July)

When news broke about the cast of the live-action remake of The Lion King, everyone was shocked at the news that Donald Glover and Beyonce would be playing the two leads – namely, because it meant the music was going to be fantastic. Although the two musical superstars are only contributing their voices to the film, not their faces, it still promises to be the best-soundtracked nostalgia trip anyone could ever take.


Image: When in Manila