Vespa’s creators launch a cargo-carrying robot

GITA prototype with man and woman outside park

Introducing GITA, a cargo-carrying robot to follow you around.

Piaggio Group, the Italian company behind Vespa scooters and one of the world’s largest mobility companies, recently revealed its newest developments, Gita and Kilo. They are the first projects developed by Piaggio Fast Forward, a company established by the Piaggio Group to be an advanced American research centre for future mobility.

Rather than get you from one place to another as fast as possible, the aim of the robot prototypes are to get you there more easily. Designed to extend the limited operating range and carrying capacity of humanity in everyday life, Gita also begins to explore what life will look like when humans and robots share the sidewalk.

blue GITA following young man walking down street

Gita, (cleverly named as ‘gita’ translates to ‘trip’ in Italian) is an autonomous vehicle that carries up to 18 kilograms, observes and communicates, and can reach up to 35 kilometres per hour. It also has the ability to moved independently in a mapped area. Its spherical shape and clean design are reflective of its personality.

Kilo is the ‘big brother’ of Gita, and with a larger capacity it is able to transport up to 100 kilograms. It has extraordinary stability thanks to its three wheels.

Robert Colaninno, Chairman and CEO of the Piaggio Group says “Innovation, research and curiosity are the basis of this project and are its main drivers.”

GITA following woman down street

Piaggio Fast Forward is the brainchild of Jeffrey Schnapp, a Harvard professor and longtime technologist. Schnapp’s work as a cultural historian often brought him to Italy, where Piaggio is based, eventually leading his job at the company.

Schnapp conceived Piaggio Fast Forward as a sort of internal think tank for which he convened a group of architects, artists, and technologists to dream big about the future of everything. It lasted all of one meeting until Piaggio decided to turn it into a company in 2015.

It aims to pioneer the sector of smart mobility of people and goods. The goal is to help people move better, further and faster by building robots and lightweight transportation solutions that travel behind, beside and beneath people on the move.

Piaggio Fast Forward hopes Gita will promote more vibrant cities filled with pedestrians, cylists and skaters whose mobility is enhanced by new varieties of smart vehicles.

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